The 13th Prophet - By T. Lucas Earle (#COYER)

FINALLY! After reading so many disappointing novella's "The 13th Prophet" gives me hope for novellas everywhere. This is a GREAT novella - short, sweet, to the point. Earle gives you just enough information to be satisfied while still answering enough of your questions not be frustrating. The premise of this book is amazing and I wouldn't mind if it were a full length novel. In Earle's future Earth, personalities have become like computer programs, manufactured and requiring constant updating. What is even freakier is that these personalities have to be siphoned from someone who embodies the trait. There are 12 personalities and the 12 people who are siphoned are called Prophets. I'll leave you to read it because I don't want to give too much away, it's hugely intriguing. Earle had me from start to finish on the end of my seat. The story was beautifully thought out, the main character - Mulligan Burke - is wonderful testament to purity and humanity. I won't heap too much more praise on this novella but let me just say it is truly worth reading!!! Earle keeps you thinking down to the last moment and beyond. I'm still not sure if the ending was sweet or horrible...

A huge thank you to T. Lucas Earle for the copy in exchange for a honest review!
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The 13th Prophet

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