Hers - By Dawn Robertson (#COYER)

I've been trying to write the review for this book for a week. After much writing, rewriting and general "argh, why can't I write this" I realized what my difficultly is: I really liked this book but when coming to review it I found so many things that irritated me. Being all muddled up with feelings of enjoyment and criticism, I couldn't figure out how to write the review until I had a moment of clarity - just write about how I felt. I know, I know, newbie blogger here, give me a little slack it was a revelation to me! So without further nancy pantsy about why this took so long here's my review.

Seven is a take no prisoners, bitchin' boss of a woman. I loved her from the moment she laid out careful plans to buy out the majority of shares in her asshole ex-boyfriend's family business. She is a sassy lady who knows that being in charge AND being a woman means that you have to shut people down like you have something to prove, usually that you are just as tough as a man. However, Seven wasn't always like this, she was not single minded about her career and left herself open to more intimate and personal connections with others. But thanks to the asshle ex-boyfriend called Daniel and unfortunate heartbreak, Seven locked herself off from others. Actually, to be perfectly honest it was much earlier in Seven's life that she lost trust in men but I will let you find that one out by reading the book. Seven meets Levi at the 'Sinners and Swingers' kink club as Mistress Marilyn. Levi sticks out like a sore thumb, dressed like a banker he is an obvious new attendee of the club. His reason for being there is that he has a new found kink the lovely ladies he usually frequents don't want to get in on. One thing leads to another and we have one sexy hot sex scene. Meant to be a single one night stand, Levi and Seven meet again in the darnedest of places and so begins our story.

Seven is a wonderful main character with many pieces to her story. She isn't just a stone cold bitch but a vulnerable, distrustful and skeptical woman who has put walls around that person to appear as a stone cold bitch. I admit, it was slightly confusing initially because I was expecting a typical Dom/sub relationship but it wasn't as static. Levi and Seven's power dynamics fluctuate and it all ties back to the fact that Seven isn't truly a Dominant but a woman who has lost so much faith in men that she can't handle any intimate situation without being in control. This difference is key because I believe that Seven doesn't want to be the one in charge but can't trust anyone else to. Levi came across as submissive to begin with but then shifted to a more Dominant role, I have to note though that neither become wholly Dominant or submissive. This was one of my first problems with the book, I couldn't understand why they had shifted roles so quickly and easily in the story but once I thought a little more and read the book again it became more obvious.

My other problems were Star, Blue and Seven's issues with the both of them. Why does Seven hate her brother so much before he ends up banging her close friend? How did she meet Star and why are they so close? When did she reconcile with Star after the giant betrayal? There is obviously a lot of history surrounding these three and yet only pieces of the story are told which aren't enough for me to justify the situations that transpire between them all. Seven constantly says that she's fucked up and that Levi shouldn't be with her because she is so fucked up which also makes me wonder has she been to a counselor? What makes her think that she is so fucked up other than her brother and best friend? What made Seven believe she was not deserving of love? I don't find the shallow answers provided enough. Finally, there was a scene in italics that I wasn't sure whether it was a flashback or a daydream? Despite many readings I still have no idea which one it is.

These issues do not detract significantly from the book. The story will sweep you away and all your thoughts will be focused on the characters, I know mine were. But upon reflection I can see so much that could be expanded on and maybe it's because Robertson weaves such a wonderful tale that I have such high expectations from "Hers." I am giving the book four stars because it is well written, the story is captivating and Robertson has a beautiful way with sexy words as ALL the sex scenes are HOT HOT HOT! Definitely give this one a read and I would be really interested to hear your take on the book!
Look out for the upcoming sequel "Finding Willow," it will definitely be on my to read. :)

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  1. Oh I love the sounds of this book - seven sounds like a well written character, which is a big deal for me when reading erotica. And I kinda love the cover, so I have to read it LOL. Great review (I totally know what you mean - when you enjoyed a book, but still have issues with - totally makes writing the review hard)

  2. I think you're going to love it! :) Thank you for dropping by!