Descended - By Debra Ann Miller (#COYER)

Fallen Guardian Saga #1
How I have ended up reading so many Yong Adult books this week?! Despite being a self proclaimed non-fan of YA, "Descended" is a teenage paranormal romance fanatic's wet dream. [Can I say that in a YA review?! argh.] While the story started a little slow, the plot is a great mixture of loyalty, betrayals and secrets with a solid dose of angels and demons. Violet or Vie is a Guardian which is similar to angel and in angel land these Guardians go on missions. They take over a "host/vessel" taking front seat of all bodily, emotional and mental functions. I found that slightly creepy in a parasite-ish way but it works, less hostile take-over and more monthly lease. 
The main character, Vie, is an assertive, confident young lady and it was so comforting not to have a damaged protagonist for once.
She's on a mission to save this guy called Carter and knows what needs to be done, though she gets slightly distracted by her surprise whirlwind romance with Carter... Oops. But what young teenage girl doesn't go completely ga-ga over their first groundbreaking relationship? It's not your typical teenage romance though, Miller builds this relationship beautifully. It has a love at first sight feel but stays grounded in friendship, conversations and carefree antics. 
It got a little church preachy in a couple of scenes, which I don't like, but it didn't stray too far into full on church mode and imparted a few choice life lessons. It's not a dark novel and even in suspenseful situations "Descended" still came off as sweet. The ending is an almost literal cliffhanger that kind of requires you to read the sequel if you give even two hoots about what happens to Vie and Carter. Considering I definitely want to find out what happens next I will obviously be checking out the sequel - Ascended.
It wasn't bad as far as YA goes, the characters weren't overly exaggerated, the plot didn't get too dramatic and the romance wasn't desperate Romeo and Juliet. It was a very lovely, light read that given my recent emotionally exhausting books was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend it if you are a lover of YA paranormal romance.

A HUGE thank you to Debra Ann Miller for the copy in exchange for an honest review!
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Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga, #1)

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