Discovery - By Brina Courtney (#COYER)

Teagan is a budding artist and in love with her boyfriend Jason. But Jason goes missing and there are no
clues to his whereabouts or body. Teagan decides to move in with her Grandma after months of grieving for the man she thought she would marry. Moving to Salem seems like a great idea for Teagan until weird things start happening and people seem to know more about Teagan's past than she does.

This story is a typical witch novel - Teagan doesn't know she is a witch and no one has taught her to use her powers etc. Initially I was really excited about the book, it has a very sexy opening scene but after that scene I became more and more irate. While the novel ages Teagan at 21 and the listed genre is new adult fantasy, it reads like a YA novel even with the single implied sex scene. I knew Teagan was some kind of witch with a guardian protector after the first "overheard" conversation. That conversation and the many others were glaringly obvious pointers to Teagan is a witch with powers (also it's set in Salem - duh) but these less than subtle conversations, hints and clues weren't what irritated me the most. No, it was the second to last scene.
The scene when Teagan paddles up shit creek, breaks her paddle, throws it away and sits there stunned realizing too late... that she's up shit creek without a paddle. Let me explain, there is one thing I hate with a burning passion, it's when the protagonist decides they can no longer handle what is going on and walks straight into danger because they were too "emotional" to heed all warnings, advice and usually other characters yelling "STOP!" They draw all other characters into the situation and cause unnecessary stress, problems or deaths. You see how this relates to Teagan and shit creek now? I was reading the scene play out thinking "FOR GODS SAKE STOP YOU STUPID IDIOT THIS WILL GET YOU CAUGHT!" Which it did. And everyone came to save her because she is super important. And someone died.

*takes calming breath*
Despite this [MASSIVELY FRUSTRATING] scene it was still a good book, Seth is wonderful with his Irish accent, Lark is a great new friend and the twist with Jason was unexpected. I was still fascinated with the book even though it had the YA feel, Courtney has a talent for keeping your interest. I would definitely recommend it if you like YA because it's such a quick read. I will be keeping an eye out for the sequel because I need to know what happens next but I like my fantasy slightly more adult and complex.

A huge thank you to NetGalley, Indie Inked and Brina Courtney for the copy!
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  1. In the right mood, I might enjoy Teegan, but I think I'd be annoyed by the ending as well - like hello - listen to your instincts, girl!
    Great review, Amber :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. You might like it despite the end. Up until that point when you know the character is just walking into danger, it was a pretty solid book. Thank you for commenting!