Serafina and the Silent Vampire - By Marie Treanor (#COYER)

When I first saw the cover I thought this was a historical romance - WRONG. What is up with these covers?! Anyway... Serafina is a psychic investigator, she helps people with supernatural problems. Sometimes she actually uses her skills and other times she scams them - why not, right? Despite this being an investigator novel Serafina doesn't question any suspects and what not because she finds the culprit pretty quickly. The problem is how to deal with him because it's actually difficult to present a paranormal case to the human police. She meets vampire Blair who can only speak telepathically but because Serafina is psychic this is not a problem. However, it makes conversation with others a little difficult.
They have wonderful tension, Blair is the typical bad boy who falls in love with the good girl (kinda) and decides to be a little bit less of a bad guy. It was obvious he truly came to care about Serafina. Serafina for all that she is the good girl has serious trust issues which probably stem from being an orphan. The story line was okay and I like Serafina even though she got to be a little annoying with her internal focus. She doesn't reach out to Blair and refuses to trust him which after how many pages is just downright rude. Especially when he has done nothing but help her *smh.* I must say they have some pretty awesome sex scenes, I kind of want a Blair for myself! Even with the super sex this book lacked in pizzazz. It wasn't a story that hasn't been told before and in moments it definitely dragged on. One of the most explosive scenes of the novel was told in third person detracting from how awesome it could have been! I did appreciate the switching perspectives between Blair and Serafina but overall it just didn't spark. It's a solid paranormal investigator novel with some wicked sex but nothing new or exciting.

NB: I am reading the second book in the series and liking it MUCH MORE!

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Serafina and the Silent Vampire (Serafina's, #1)


  1. I have this one on my COYER list as well but haven't made it to it yet.

  2. I can't wait to see what you think!!! I realized when I read the second book in the series that I just didn't connect well with Serafina. The next book is about Jilly and I "5 stars" loved it! So if you find you don't like this one I would read "Serafina and the Virtual Man" to see if Jilly is more your style :) Thank you for visiting my blog!!!! Let me know what your blog is, I would love to drop by too!
    Amber - Literary George