Dreams of the Queen - By Jacqueline Patricks (#COYER)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading "Dreams of the Queen" but it developed into so much more than what it seemed. Cass is an obsessed scientist that is having weird dreams. She is engaged to another scientist called Julian who was slightly weird from the get go. Their life work is trying to create a black hole to see what is on the other side. Cass is completely focused on this goal and doesn't actually want to be with Julian. Julian has control issues and will manipulate as much as possible for either Cass or power. I don't think even he knows truly which one he is more interested in. Magically they succeed in creating the first ever black hole in a laboratory and travel to the other side. Accompanying them is a government military team who's job is to keep them safe but also to collect information on the discovery. This is when we meet the lovely, sane Lewis. When they travel through the black hole Julian realizes they are trapped and when freaky monster type things start eating people, the group decides that moving forward is the only option to stay alive. Unfortunately the freaky monster things are crazy and guns only shoot so many bullets. It looks like everyone is going die in this new world but Jaemon the alien man saves the day! He informs them that Cass is Queen and that the Master is waiting for her. Knowing that they can't survive on their own the group of scientists and military men follow Jaemon's lead. Which is where I will leave you with the story and trust me that is not even HALF of it.

I didn't read this book for the characters despite the fact they were well written.
I disliked practically every character for one reason or another. I didn't like how quickly Cass dumped Julian or that she was so self interested. I hated Julian, the man was a master manipulator with serious control issues. Jaemon was a gullible and naive believer in an asshole. The asshole being the Master who was probably best friends with every evil person you can think of. The other scientists were hella, annoying but I did like the military people. They were great, in fact the only sane person in this whole book was Lewis, the military commander. He was super paranoid about aliens even after they saved his life but I liked him. Every character developed with the massive changes thrown at their feet but it wasn't them that held my interest. It was the plot, the story, the intricately woven strands of deceit, power, love, manipulation and loyalty. I thought that I was reading a straight forward alien romance but this story continues to surprise with one unexpected discovery or revelation after the next. I wanted to why?! Why the aliens, the black hole, Jaemon, the freaky monster things and the crazy idea that Cass was Queen? What was going on with the Master, the dreams, the planet and where was this all going to end up?! Good lord was my curiosity at an all time high. But when I got to the end I just had more questions! This wasn't bad but it was super annoying because I have no patience and now I have to wait to find out what happens next!!!! Obviously that means I will be ready to pounce on the sequel the moment it comes into existence. If you like sci-fi and fantasy and don't mind a little (a really little) bit of romance on the side then you are going to LOVE this book. Think Mistborn series without the super powers and more science.

WARNING: The gore in this book was slightly sickening even though it was only a few scenes.

A huge thank you to NetGalley, Jacqueline Patricks and Crazy Bird Publishing for the copy!
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Dreams of the Queen (The Brajj, #1)


  1. Hmmm I have a feeling this isn't one for me - I not a big fan of alien books and I'm such a hugely motivated character reader, if I'm not going to like them that much I'll probably skip it. Great review though!

    1. Yeah this book is definitely heavy on the plot and the characters are so twisted I'm not sure if one CAN like them. It's very Sci-Fi and super freaky so I don't blame you for skipping it. I was partially horrified for a lot of the book which gets uncomfortable after 100 pages. ;)