Bunny Club - By Stephanie Beck (#COYER)

*Spoilers Alert*
I don't know who was more surprised and freaked out at the end of this book, me or Jarrod! I went into reading Bunny Club thinking, bunny shape shifters and a sex club that sounds like an interesting read. But the book turned out to be slightly more twisted than I realized. Jarrod and his friend Alex accidentally stumble across a supposed sex club and end up in a situation they desperately regret. The sexy women are in fact vampires and bunny shifters who kill the men they have sex with. The male narrator was not a problem but in addition aggressive, blood thirsty women, I simply couldn't relate to any of the characters. The novel wasn't a romance but nor was it really erotica either. The single sex scene was bare bones oral which was overwhelmed by the freaky vampires and shape shifter bunny women. If you're into slightly terrifying erotic-esque reads then definitely give this novella a read, I, however, have had enough of a taste to know that the F*ck like Bunnies series is not my cup of tea.

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Bunny Club

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