Wolf with Benefits - By Shelly Laurenston

THIS IS AWESOME! Was pretty much my reaction as I fell utterly in love with this book. Shelly Laurenston you give me life! Every time I read one of her books I love everything about it. The guy, the girl, the dialogue, the weird ass situations they get into, the fact that they are shape shifters and lawd oh lawd the drawl of them Southern hunks - be still my heart. I admit I was a bit skeptical about the Reed boys. When I realized it would be about Ricky Lee Reed I was thinking to myself, will I be able to care about this character? I barely know him and definitely don't know this Toni Jean-Louis Parker woman... This wasn't like Blayne when I had been hanging out for her book since I met Blayne in The Mane Squeeze. Little did I know how WRONG I was (which is understandable because I am usually never wrong).

The opening scene pushed me off a cliff and I never stopped falling. "Are you my daddy?" Poor Ricky Lee never knew what he was getting himself into from the start and Toni was typical Laurenston gold. Sassy, independent, ass-kicking, crazy woman! YEAH! She looks after her obnoxious, self absorbed, egotistical siblings perfectly and said siblings are right terrors. I love the way Laurenston writes sharp witty dialogue even for children! My favorite scene would have to be the interaction between Toni and Bo Novikov. (view spoiler)

Ricky Lee Reed is an absolute darling, who isn't the typical imposing, alpha male. Don't get me wrong the man has serious hotness factor and chomps when he chooses but he is typically laid back. He doesn't jump in and try to push anyone around, in fact he prefers staying back and watching the action. He is a pillar of support for Toni and I loved that he adored her crazy curly hair (disclaimer: this may be because I also have crazy curly hair Ricky Lee Reed marry me?)

Toni Jean-Louis Parker has never been away from her family and her life literally revolves around them. I found myself connected to her search for an independent identity and her absolute fear of everything going to pieces. She isn't as aggressive as previous Laurenston female shifters which I liked a little more, she showed more restraint with her ball busting. I love how Ricky Lee and Toni's chemistry is brought together piece by piece like a slow burning fire rather than a hot flash.

I am a sucker for a shifter romance but throw in some humor with a little bit of crazy and you have Shelly Laurenston's "Wolf with Benefits"... You also have one of my favorite books ever!

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Wolf with Benefits (Pride, #8)
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