Hot Little Shop: Dairymaid Cafe - By Ellen Dominick

I've always been interested in reading books with weird fetishes. When I was trolling the internet I found this little gem which attracted my attention with it's *perky* cover.
I read the blurb and decided what the hell, let's do this.

First of all this book is SHORT. I seriously got to the end and thought something had gone wrong. You know what? Something had! It was waaaaaay too SHORT. The ideas in the book of the cafe are awesome and riveting! I truly wish the book was longer and explained in more detail because with only 25 Kobo pages I was left reeling. Slapped in the face with a fricken amazeballs fetish read and it wasn't even full length. It could definitely be extended into a proper novel. Though Cindy is a little naive but with such a short length you really can't do much with character development. She is willing to do anything and she gets a job at Dairymaid Cafe. It's not out of the ordinary but they make all their products with special milk. Particular women respond to this type of milk by lactating and cha-ching, Cindy is one of those women.
I was a little confused as to why she never asked about her breasts suddenly increasing in size and that her job apparently predicted it. But I will chalk it up to the length again. Once she gets introduced to the hidden cafe section the fun begins! Man was it fun, the hidden cafe is a fetish sex area and Cindy takes to it like a champ. You go girl! I give it four out of five because I just can't get past how short it is (if you haven't noticed by how often I mentioned it). I've read longer chapters... But if you want a fetish read and have spare change totally buy it!!! But don't say I didn't warn you about the length.

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