Seduction and Snacks - By Tara Sivec

Chocolate Lovers Series - Book 1

Claire Morgan does not want to have kids, in fact she will tell you how much she does not want to have kids for a solid chapter which is equal parts amusing as it is scare worthy. Which becomes all the more terrifying when Claire Morgan obviously ends up with a child, how that happened is the funny story, beware of beer pong! Of course it's a one night stand, she doesn't know the name of the father and funnily enough neither does anyone else. Claire is forced to drop out of College, return to living with her father and raising her son, Gavin. Four years later, Claire hasn't returned to College and is a waitress at the local bar. Her best friend Liz is moving back to Butler to open a business and offers Claire a share in the budding enterprise. While working one night Claire stares into the drunkenly glazed eyes of her one night stand and father of Gavin.

Carter only remembers the scent of chocolate. He was too drunk to clearly remember his partner in the famous one night stand and after desperately trying to find her, he leaves with no more information than when he arrived. Four years later he is working at some plant in Toledo, gets cheated on by his girlfriend of two years, is transferred to Butler and decides to get shit faced in a bar with his best friend Drew. Drew believes himself, Gods gift to women and women, Gods gift to him. Carter drunkenly mumbles to his shot glass and a waitress makes a jibe asking "do your shot glasses normally respond?" So starts the hilarious train ride that is Seduction and Snacks.

I was truly laughing out loud while I was reading this book, so much so that I was often told to shut up because people were sleeping, it's really that funny. Claire is an amusing mix of sassy and completely out of her depth woman. She flips between being firm and outspoken to having no clue what to do with herself. This works for her character who has been thrown off track by a surprise pregnancy and having to reevaluate her dreams and her life.It is obvious despite adamantly proclaiming she would never have children that she loves her son, Gavin and is a great Mom.

Carter should receive Prince Charming of the year award, if there is such a thing. He is gallant, polite, charming and sexy as anything. Unerringly confident and dead set on doing the right thing, I swear his armor gleams so bright it burns. He mumbles through meeting Claire and but once he gets himself together he is dedicated to working something out with his new found family.

I'm not going to tell you want happens because it is truly a joy reading how Carter and Claire muddle their way through a relationship that starts the wrong way round, child first one could say. However, the shining star of this novel is Gavin. An utter terror toddler with a highly inquisitive mind and a mouth that is chatterbox central. Gavin's scenes in the book are pure gold, capturing the innocence of children with the mortification of adults. The book is worth reading simply for him, yet the weird relationship dynamics and antics of the other characters are just as entertaining.


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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1)

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