Fur Play - By Christine Warren

Fixed No. 6

** spoiler alert ** Short and sweet. Logan Hunter is chomping at the bit because he's an alpha wolf that is not the leader of his pack, his best friend Graham is. An alpha has died in the White Paw pack and a female has taken the alpha role. Graham sends Logan to check whether this female is able to run the pack.

Honor Tate inherits the White Paw pack when her father dies of cancer and managed to keep it from the pack. This was a little far fetched because with their fancy sense of smell shouldn't any werewolf anywhere near Honor's father smell the disease?! Regardless, Honor gets the pack which the pack doesn't like and so she gets challenged and has to beat three idiot males up. Heaven forbid that a woman should be alpha of a pack! Pushing the traditional, it's what werewolves do line Logan arrives from the Silver Back pack to find that Honor is one hot chick (fancy that) and that what he really wants to do is get in her pants. They fight and romp, fight and romp, realize they're mates and get right back into the fighting and having sex. It's a quick read with not much in the way of story line. Honor and Logan are both stubborn as hell and the sex scenes are fiery. In the end they both get what they want because Honor never wanted to run the pack anyway *frustrated sigh*. It would have been nice if she did decide to stay Alpha but whatever. Quick read, nothing fancy, pick it up if your wanting a brief tryst with a novel.




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