Big Sky - By Kitty Thomas

Kitty Thomas is an author who writes books that mess with your head. She pushes the boundaries on consensual sex, sometimes straight into rape territory the difference being her leading ladies DO ACTUALLY WANT THIS. It's very much the "I know you want it" yet not in a superficial way (well Thomas makes it that way). Big Sky is no different in that it can make you uncomfortable and not in a "oh she's writing about sex explicitly" way but more in a "is this okay? what if this were me? this is fucking weird" way. That being said I always find Thomas' books hugely erotic and well written.

Veronica doesn't know what she wants once she is fired and for some inexplicable reason is addicted to shopping and becomes homeless. Luke finds her and offers to take her with him back to his home on the range, in the middle of nowhere. She accepts and while having second thoughts thinks that this is better than her homeless alternative. Things take a weird turn when Luke wants sex but not your lovely dovey romance sex, sex whenever the he wants and however he wants it. Kind of hot, kind of freaky and disturbing. Not only that he wants Veronica to let his farm hands in on the action.

Veronica who has never been truly satisfied with her sex life is electrified by this dominant no barriers sex with Luke and orgasm is her new middle name. She struggles with the submissive roles Luke requires her to play because she is not some mindless toy. Veronica is very much insecure and Luke is hugely demanding without any compromise. The scene with the brand made me slightly ill and the lake scene definitely freaked me out. For a long while, you aren't sure if Luke is a good guy or a freakishly crazy one. I recommend it but remember that it's not a sweet romance novel.



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