Thirteen - By Kelley Armstrong

** spoiler alert ** Savannah gets to be with Adam which was what I was hanging out for. I mean we all knew it was a forgone conclusion but it was nice to have it in writing. The Cabals try to charge Savannah with killing someone important or something which leads to the death of some old guy who is related to them. Angels keep flitting in and out as do the demons. To be honest I lost track of this series a little after Paige got together with Lucas. Once I pick the books up I remember why I was hooked but they haven't been books that have stuck in my mind. The ending was satisfactory and the battles were definitely gory, actually more so than necessary. Everyone is still alive and happy at the end of it so it's a job well done.

It definitely isn't the best book in the series and I wish we had gotten more Clay and Elena overall. A solid series that does require a bit of mental maneuvering to keep them all together. I recommend the series to any fans of urban fiction, Devon Monk, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and Faith Hunter.




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