Fur for All - By Christine Warren

Okay this is book five in the Fixed series and I skipped it because I wasn't very interested in the characters. I have return though to complete the series set! Oh and the cover is super freaky but I just ignored it...

I'll admit Christine Warren's fixed series became a little tedious when it seemed to be the same story in every book. Guy meets girl, guy has awesome sex with girl, girl is like whoa that was awesome sex, finds out guy is not human, possible conflict here and they fall in love the end. Being an avid fan of romance novels with said story lines it's how the story is played out that counts! Warren make minute changes but I felt like it was the same story over and over. That being said there are now extended novels of these shorter stories and I would be interested to see if that is where Warren expands her story a little more...

Anyway, Rafael is a Felix which is some kind of Alpha of the cats being a werejaguar. Tess is a witch who has a meddling granddaddy. Brought together by the whim of the Witch's Council, Tess delivers a message to Rafael who all but sweeps her into sexual abandon in an alleyway or was it the street? They have an interesting dynamic as Rafe is used to getting his way (what Alpha isn't?) and Tess is not someone who appreciates being railroaded. They get to the nitty gritty and have it but something weird is going on with the Witch's Council. It's not the most gripping plot but for all that the story line was lacking I would like to note that the sex scenes were very imaginative and held ample amount of passionate zing. They were super hot and I definitely hope that they were kept in the longer versions! While it isn't the most amazing shifter romance I've read but it's solid and I will be giving the extended novels a look in the future because I really want to read Ava's story!



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