Fighting Faer - By Christine Warren

Fixed No. 4

These short stories don't contain a lot of story line and I found the leading lady Corinne super bitchy also species-ist. Corinne does not like the "Others" and she makes that very clear. She's polite towards them but makes mental comments like "did I just have sex with a monster?!" The main man Luc, or Lucifer, is the Fae head of security for the faerie queen which in all honesty is not important at all. These two characters truly need no background in order to meet each other, have sex and still have the same problems they do with back story. The Queen is a bitch and Luc convince Corinne to be a little more open minded with sex. Oh and the plot is that they are looking for some idiot nephew of the Queen, trying to keep magic doors from opening and there is a twist. It's a twee supernatural romance so of course since Luc is a Fae, not a werewolf and can't have a mate, Warren gives Fae "heartmates." I definitely rolled my eyes at that whole "Fate made us for one another" bollocks. They beat all the obstacles in their way, come to an understanding that while they don't know each other, the sex is great and they are fated. TA DA! The End.

It's short, quick but if you are wanting a little more substance with your sexy romance this is definitely not for you. 3 stars because it's not horrible it's just the same old, same old.




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