This Girl Stripped - By Dawn Robertson *Review*

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My innocence was shattered one steamy October night, when I sold my soul to the devil to pay for a week in a dirty motel room.
Thinking I could rid myself of him, I fled the safety of the nomad lifestyle I had embraced my entire life for the security of a small upstate New York town, alongside my big sister Star.
What I never anticipated was a green eyed stranger that would steal my heart and never look back. And a dark eyed man on a motorcycle, who would teach me how to trust again. Both of them completely shattering every wall I ever put up to keep men out of my vulnerable world.
I am Paisley Bloom, and this is my devastating story.

I was slightly confused by this book. Having just read multiple books where the characters have suffered hugely traumatic experiences in order to recover, I was hoping for something different. I though this book would get to know an intelligent young woman who happened to strip for a living. Instead the novel is about a young woman who strips once, experiences a horrible trauma and her road to recovery.  I felt like Robertson just gave Paisley horrible trauma to make her broken so the story could focus on "fixing" rather than development. There seemed no need to make Paisley suffer in order to give her character emotional depth. Why could we not have had her without the trauma? Paisley had such potential to be a strong character with her family and her background. Unfortunately because of this plot choice I found the story overly and unnecessarily dramatic. Not to mention the choices leading up to the situation were all out of character for Paisley.

Ignoring my obvious problem with that particular part of the story, "This Girl Stripped" flows nicely and is Robertson's typical style. If you enjoyed "Hers" you'll probably enjoy this installment to the series; I definitely read the story through to the end so it's got hooking potential. I was slightly thrown by the introduction of another character but was satisfied with Paisley's choice in the end. Not an all out favorite but a solid page turner. If you don't mind reading about a young woman overcoming trauma then you'll be okay with this book however, if you need a little more background to your drama this probably wont meet your expectations.

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