Top Ten Shape Shifter Romance Novels


What better way to celebrate Halloween than to curl up with a Shape Shifter novel and eat candy?! To help you out I've gone through my library and picked out my FAVOURITE - can't live without reading over and over again - Top Ten Shape Shifter* Romance novels! 
My Rules
-Only books no series
-Only a single book from each series 

My rules make it easier for you if you want to read them but so hard on me to choose just ONE!
I've linked them to Goodreads so you can check them out!!!

1. Kiss of Snow, By Nalini Singh - Psy/Changling Series

2. Magic Strikes, By Ilona Andrews - Kate Daniels Series

3. Beast Behaving Badly, By Shelly Laurenston - Pride Series

4. Silver Borne, By Patricia Briggs - Mercy Thompson Series

5. Playing with Fire, By Katie MacAlister - Silver Dragon Series

Wolf with Benefits - By Shelly Laurenston

THIS IS AWESOME! Was pretty much my reaction as I fell utterly in love with this book. Shelly Laurenston you give me life! Every time I read one of her books I love everything about it. The guy, the girl, the dialogue, the weird ass situations they get into, the fact that they are shape shifters and lawd oh lawd the drawl of them Southern hunks - be still my heart. I admit I was a bit skeptical about the Reed boys. When I realized it would be about Ricky Lee Reed I was thinking to myself, will I be able to care about this character? I barely know him and definitely don't know this Toni Jean-Louis Parker woman... This wasn't like Blayne when I had been hanging out for her book since I met Blayne in The Mane Squeeze. Little did I know how WRONG I was (which is understandable because I am usually never wrong).

The opening scene pushed me off a cliff and I never stopped falling. "Are you my daddy?" Poor Ricky Lee never knew what he was getting himself into from the start and Toni was typical Laurenston gold. Sassy, independent, ass-kicking, crazy woman! YEAH! She looks after her obnoxious, self absorbed, egotistical siblings perfectly and said siblings are right terrors. I love the way Laurenston writes sharp witty dialogue even for children! My favorite scene would have to be the interaction between Toni and Bo Novikov. (view spoiler)

Ricky Lee Reed is an absolute darling, who isn't the typical imposing, alpha male. Don't get me wrong the man has serious hotness factor and chomps when he chooses but he is typically laid back. He doesn't jump in and try to push anyone around, in fact he prefers staying back and watching the action. He is a pillar of support for Toni and I loved that he adored her crazy curly hair (disclaimer: this may be because I also have crazy curly hair Ricky Lee Reed marry me?)

Toni Jean-Louis Parker has never been away from her family and her life literally revolves around them. I found myself connected to her search for an independent identity and her absolute fear of everything going to pieces. She isn't as aggressive as previous Laurenston female shifters which I liked a little more, she showed more restraint with her ball busting. I love how Ricky Lee and Toni's chemistry is brought together piece by piece like a slow burning fire rather than a hot flash.

I am a sucker for a shifter romance but throw in some humor with a little bit of crazy and you have Shelly Laurenston's "Wolf with Benefits"... You also have one of my favorite books ever!

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Wolf with Benefits (Pride, #8)
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Hot Little Shop: Dairymaid Cafe - By Ellen Dominick

I've always been interested in reading books with weird fetishes. When I was trolling the internet I found this little gem which attracted my attention with it's *perky* cover.
I read the blurb and decided what the hell, let's do this.

First of all this book is SHORT. I seriously got to the end and thought something had gone wrong. You know what? Something had! It was waaaaaay too SHORT. The ideas in the book of the cafe are awesome and riveting! I truly wish the book was longer and explained in more detail because with only 25 Kobo pages I was left reeling. Slapped in the face with a fricken amazeballs fetish read and it wasn't even full length. It could definitely be extended into a proper novel. Though Cindy is a little naive but with such a short length you really can't do much with character development. She is willing to do anything and she gets a job at Dairymaid Cafe. It's not out of the ordinary but they make all their products with special milk. Particular women respond to this type of milk by lactating and cha-ching, Cindy is one of those women.

The Rebel - By C.J. Archer

Cole is the darkest and most unknown member of the Assassin's Guild. He allows no one close and his friends have no idea if Cole is his first name, last name or nickname. After accidentally bungling a mission, Cole is trying to leave the surrounding area quickly. On his way to Orlando and Susanna's home he briefly encounters Lucy, a young woman living in the neighboring property. Lucy thinks Cole is a troublesome thief and she isn't too far off the mark. After a weird conversation they continue on their separate ways. Unfortunately after leaving his friends home he is set upon by strangers while taking a nap. The assailants are chased away by Lucy who takes him back to her manor much to the shock of her brother, Henry.

When Cole regains consciousness he is calling himself Nicholas Coleclough, believes himself to be eighteen and has no recollection of where he was going, why he was in the area and the past ten years of his life. Nicholas Coleclough/Nick is remarkably different from the dark Cole Lucy initially encountered. Nick is sweet, outgoing and kind but difficult memories are preventing Nick from getting his memories back. Nick starts having nightmares and flashbacks, trying to piece together the story of Cole. Lucy is a bloodhound about discovering Nick's past. She quickly becomes enamored with the new Cole/Nick. But Nick/Cole are tormented by their past and haven't been able to grow up properly. He's had stunted emotional development which has caused him to push people away. Once effectively isolating himself, he continues to mutter that no one cares and if they do then he doesn't deserve it, his self loathing has just continued festered.Digging up the past is not what either of them expected and they must weather many storms to their happy ending.

This book did not garner much excitement from me.

SECRET Shared - By L. Marie Adeline

Book two in the Secret series.

This book is gold. If you don't want to read a gushing review just go get it and read it NOW!

In SECRET shared we follow the story of Cassie and Dauphine in good ol' New Orleans. Cassie is a recent graduate from the SECRET ladies club that helps sexually liberate woman and Dauphine is the current initiate. While I've come across books with similar intentions, they haven't been ground breaking reads but with Adeline it works! There is no fluff about the power of men to make a woman into a real woman. Instead it is about ten steps (see end of review) that help women rediscover and believe in the power of themselves. Note that I said RE-discover, because it's not that women never had belief in themselves, it's that somehow, something convinced them that they were unworthy and powerless.

Cassie is currently struggling with life after SECRET and the fact that the man she loves is having a baby with another woman. Cassie was going to leave SECRET to start a relationship with said love of life but with the baby on the way she turns to SECRET as a way of coping. Through an accidental encounter she meets Dauphine who has never been able to come back from her cheating boyfriend and best friend. I'm not surprised because her boyfriend sounds like a self absorbed prick and her best friend a lying selfish cow, she's better off without them. The hard part is the fact that idiot boyfriend becomes famous and using Dauphine as fodder in a book, causing her to hyper analyse herself. (If I could get my hands on that son of a-)

Seduction and Snacks - By Tara Sivec

Chocolate Lovers Series - Book 1

Claire Morgan does not want to have kids, in fact she will tell you how much she does not want to have kids for a solid chapter which is equal parts amusing as it is scare worthy. Which becomes all the more terrifying when Claire Morgan obviously ends up with a child, how that happened is the funny story, beware of beer pong! Of course it's a one night stand, she doesn't know the name of the father and funnily enough neither does anyone else. Claire is forced to drop out of College, return to living with her father and raising her son, Gavin. Four years later, Claire hasn't returned to College and is a waitress at the local bar. Her best friend Liz is moving back to Butler to open a business and offers Claire a share in the budding enterprise. While working one night Claire stares into the drunkenly glazed eyes of her one night stand and father of Gavin.

Carter only remembers the scent of chocolate. He was too drunk to clearly remember his partner in the famous one night stand and after desperately trying to find her, he leaves with no more information than when he arrived. Four years later he is working at some plant in Toledo, gets cheated on by his girlfriend of two years, is transferred to Butler and decides to get shit faced in a bar with his best friend Drew. Drew believes himself, Gods gift to women and women, Gods gift to him. Carter drunkenly mumbles to his shot glass and a waitress makes a jibe asking "do your shot glasses normally respond?" So starts the hilarious train ride that is Seduction and Snacks.

6 Reviews to come!!!!

Erotica and Indie E-Book Removal - Join the Cause!

Currently there is a movement within E-Book providers such as Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble etc. to remove their Erotica and Indie novels from the websites. This is absolutely ridiculous and horrible!!! You can check out an article covering Amazon's move to take down erotica here.

These are the books I love to read and as an adult I have a right to be able to buy them!! I have signed the petition to stop censorship and removal of erotica and indie e-books. I hope that you will also do the same.

Petition to prevent removal of erotica.

All ready one author, Skye Warren has already had books removed from Kobo. See her update here.

Ilona Andrews Question and Answer

Ilona Andrews will be hosting a question and answer session via reddit! Click HERE.

Ilona Andrews is the author of the Kate Daniels series.

The Gate - By K.T. Grant

Dark Path Series Book 1

Erika writes books for children and her Daddy is a rich publisher. Max or M.L. Crawford is a media mogul and Chris is the heir to Erika's fathers throne. Erika wants to be with Chris because she thinks he is charming, they make a great couple yadda yadda. Max comes into her life with a zing and they have an electric connection. Max is into Dominance and submission and loves to give a girl a good whip. Erika is innocent to the wider world of sex and yet wants to take the plunge with Max because they have a connection. So goes the story...

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book. I hate Chris with a passion. He seemed nice to begin with then turned into a slimy douche with the mixings for an abusive boyfriend. I am continuously annoyed by Erika. She can't make up her mind and seems to ignore the obvious. Appears completely assertive one moment and then suddenly can't stand up for herself. She shows moments of fire but I just can't like her. There is something off about her character, I find that she jumps to conclusions too quickly, gets mad about the wrong thing and trusts the wrong people. Max seemed like the regular suave business man with a kink and sob story background yet he too comes off as an asshole. When is using sex as a weapon helpful ever in a fight? Someone is mad at you and you aggressively seduce them into having sex with you. They want it but they're still so mad at you that you get slapped at the end of it. I'm sorry but did that promote any kind of progress?? No.

Those things aside the story revolves around the love triangle and the kink that Max needs that Erika is experimenting with. The shining stars are Catherine and Bryan whose mangled lives warrant a story of their own. I was drawn to them and their dynamic which was written beautifully with so much tension and fluent heat. Things that did not come through in the three miserables love triangle who seemed to bumble through everything with enough clout to knock out an elephant. The Gate was a grand setting I just can't get past these characters and particularly one event in the book.

Fur for All - By Christine Warren

Okay this is book five in the Fixed series and I skipped it because I wasn't very interested in the characters. I have return though to complete the series set! Oh and the cover is super freaky but I just ignored it...

I'll admit Christine Warren's fixed series became a little tedious when it seemed to be the same story in every book. Guy meets girl, guy has awesome sex with girl, girl is like whoa that was awesome sex, finds out guy is not human, possible conflict here and they fall in love the end. Being an avid fan of romance novels with said story lines it's how the story is played out that counts! Warren make minute changes but I felt like it was the same story over and over. That being said there are now extended novels of these shorter stories and I would be interested to see if that is where Warren expands her story a little more...

Anyway, Rafael is a Felix which is some kind of Alpha of the cats being a werejaguar. Tess is a witch who has a meddling granddaddy. Brought together by the whim of the Witch's Council, Tess delivers a message to Rafael who all but sweeps her into sexual abandon in an alleyway or was it the street? They have an interesting dynamic as Rafe is used to getting his way (what Alpha isn't?) and Tess is not someone who appreciates being railroaded. They get to the nitty gritty and have it but something weird is going on with the Witch's Council. It's not the most gripping plot but for all that the story line was lacking I would like to note that the sex scenes were very imaginative and held ample amount of passionate zing. They were super hot and I definitely hope that they were kept in the longer versions! While it isn't the most amazing shifter romance I've read but it's solid and I will be giving the extended novels a look in the future because I really want to read Ava's story!



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SECRET Shared - By L. Marie Adeline


Release Date: Oct 15th 2013

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Soul Survivor - By Katana Collins

Phwoar! That was my instant reaction after finishing this book, quickly followed by "I hope the next book is out!" I don't think I've been this excited about a new author since I read Kit Rocha, Beyond Shame. Katana Collins had me hooked from the end of chapter one and I was sunk. I'm actually a bit miffed I started with book 2 of the series because I want more, more, more!

Monica is a succubus from Las Vegas who was once an angel. She is a wickedly fun leading lady who makes no apologies for the fact that she needs sex to survive. In fact the more innocent and good a person is, the better her sexual hit. Weird? It could have been but Collins writes Monica in such frank way that what could come off as sleazy or overdone just becomes another quirk a supernatural needs to survive. I've often found succubi in books too sexual and kind of evil but this succubi is a hot to trot modern girl, straight up. Does Monica enjoy sex? HELL YEAH! But she is often frustrated by how sex is required for survival and how it screws (argh pun) her possible relationships.

In this second installment of the Soul Stripper (did I mention she is also a stripper?) series we find a trail of murders that Monica is sucked into because of this chick Adrienne who is a police officer and former/current girlfriend of Monica's love interest, Drew. Adrienne is a recently turned angel due to something that happened in book one. Drew is surfer boy cute and runs the coffee shop where Monica works. They had sex once but he felt it was cheating on Adrienne even though they were practically broken up. Love triangles these days. Drew is fully human and doesn't know his gf is an angel, Monica is a succubus and Damien is an elemental (Damien is the side kick/partner of Adrienne). Anyway, the deaths all connect to Salt Lake City which is where the whole gang ends up and after an incident on the plane Monica realizes this trip is definitely not going to be as straight forward as it appeared.

Throughout this present day story we also get flashbacks to Ireland during the middle ages and some back story on Monica when she was an angel. This other angelic Monica adds another layer to the character that shows that female characters are more dynamic than the typical, bad girl, good girl bollocks. In Monica's flashbacks we meet Julian, her angelic mentor, Dejan the vampire servant, Carmen frost extraordinaire and Lord John Buckley, a sorcerer that causes more trouble than he's worth. Obviously this is connected but I'm not going to tell you how because I think you should read this book! In fact start with the first one! There is a definite twist and the ending kind of left me on a ledge but I loved it!

I adore the Monica who is totally kick-ass, confused and figuring shit out. Drew, I am not as sold on but this may be because I haven't read the first book. I don't really understand Monica's infatuation with him because he doesn't seem like the sort of guy I would pair her with for unrequited love. He comes across as too good/innocent with a heavy helping of Prince Charming. I think a strong character like Monica deserves a strong male counter part who challenges her and is her equal. Drew seems to be that pretty toy on the shelf that gives good sex and seems like the ideal guy. Pfffffft. Give Monica a Curran I say! (Ilona Andrews, Kate Daniels series reference for those of you who don't know who Curran is). The ending leaves the stage open to many possibilities and I plan on discovering them as soon as the next book hits release. Katana Collins has firmly locked herself on my list of favourite authors and I'm literally counting the days until I can start the next book.



A HUGE thank you to NetGalley, Katana Collins and Kensington Books for the copy!!! You made my week!
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Fighting Faer - By Christine Warren

Fixed No. 4

These short stories don't contain a lot of story line and I found the leading lady Corinne super bitchy also species-ist. Corinne does not like the "Others" and she makes that very clear. She's polite towards them but makes mental comments like "did I just have sex with a monster?!" The main man Luc, or Lucifer, is the Fae head of security for the faerie queen which in all honesty is not important at all. These two characters truly need no background in order to meet each other, have sex and still have the same problems they do with back story. The Queen is a bitch and Luc convince Corinne to be a little more open minded with sex. Oh and the plot is that they are looking for some idiot nephew of the Queen, trying to keep magic doors from opening and there is a twist. It's a twee supernatural romance so of course since Luc is a Fae, not a werewolf and can't have a mate, Warren gives Fae "heartmates." I definitely rolled my eyes at that whole "Fate made us for one another" bollocks. They beat all the obstacles in their way, come to an understanding that while they don't know each other, the sex is great and they are fated. TA DA! The End.

It's short, quick but if you are wanting a little more substance with your sexy romance this is definitely not for you. 3 stars because it's not horrible it's just the same old, same old.




Fur Play - By Christine Warren

Fixed No. 6

** spoiler alert ** Short and sweet. Logan Hunter is chomping at the bit because he's an alpha wolf that is not the leader of his pack, his best friend Graham is. An alpha has died in the White Paw pack and a female has taken the alpha role. Graham sends Logan to check whether this female is able to run the pack.

Honor Tate inherits the White Paw pack when her father dies of cancer and managed to keep it from the pack. This was a little far fetched because with their fancy sense of smell shouldn't any werewolf anywhere near Honor's father smell the disease?! Regardless, Honor gets the pack which the pack doesn't like and so she gets challenged and has to beat three idiot males up. Heaven forbid that a woman should be alpha of a pack! Pushing the traditional, it's what werewolves do line Logan arrives from the Silver Back pack to find that Honor is one hot chick (fancy that) and that what he really wants to do is get in her pants. They fight and romp, fight and romp, realize they're mates and get right back into the fighting and having sex. It's a quick read with not much in the way of story line. Honor and Logan are both stubborn as hell and the sex scenes are fiery. In the end they both get what they want because Honor never wanted to run the pack anyway *frustrated sigh*. It would have been nice if she did decide to stay Alpha but whatever. Quick read, nothing fancy, pick it up if your wanting a brief tryst with a novel.




Thirteen - By Kelley Armstrong

** spoiler alert ** Savannah gets to be with Adam which was what I was hanging out for. I mean we all knew it was a forgone conclusion but it was nice to have it in writing. The Cabals try to charge Savannah with killing someone important or something which leads to the death of some old guy who is related to them. Angels keep flitting in and out as do the demons. To be honest I lost track of this series a little after Paige got together with Lucas. Once I pick the books up I remember why I was hooked but they haven't been books that have stuck in my mind. The ending was satisfactory and the battles were definitely gory, actually more so than necessary. Everyone is still alive and happy at the end of it so it's a job well done.

It definitely isn't the best book in the series and I wish we had gotten more Clay and Elena overall. A solid series that does require a bit of mental maneuvering to keep them all together. I recommend the series to any fans of urban fiction, Devon Monk, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs and Faith Hunter.




Big Sky - By Kitty Thomas

Kitty Thomas is an author who writes books that mess with your head. She pushes the boundaries on consensual sex, sometimes straight into rape territory the difference being her leading ladies DO ACTUALLY WANT THIS. It's very much the "I know you want it" yet not in a superficial way (well Thomas makes it that way). Big Sky is no different in that it can make you uncomfortable and not in a "oh she's writing about sex explicitly" way but more in a "is this okay? what if this were me? this is fucking weird" way. That being said I always find Thomas' books hugely erotic and well written.

Veronica doesn't know what she wants once she is fired and for some inexplicable reason is addicted to shopping and becomes homeless. Luke finds her and offers to take her with him back to his home on the range, in the middle of nowhere. She accepts and while having second thoughts thinks that this is better than her homeless alternative. Things take a weird turn when Luke wants sex but not your lovely dovey romance sex, sex whenever the he wants and however he wants it. Kind of hot, kind of freaky and disturbing. Not only that he wants Veronica to let his farm hands in on the action.

Veronica who has never been truly satisfied with her sex life is electrified by this dominant no barriers sex with Luke and orgasm is her new middle name. She struggles with the submissive roles Luke requires her to play because she is not some mindless toy. Veronica is very much insecure and Luke is hugely demanding without any compromise. The scene with the brand made me slightly ill and the lake scene definitely freaked me out. For a long while, you aren't sure if Luke is a good guy or a freakishly crazy one. I recommend it but remember that it's not a sweet romance novel.



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Wild Child - By Molly O'Keefe

When I picked up "Wild Child" I thought I was going to get another fluffy romance novel with barely a plot line and I was so wrong. Wild Child is a romance novel but there is more to it than that, it's also about the struggles of a town, a mayor, a celebrity and how others perceptions affect your view of yourself.

Monica Appleby is a celebrity wild child, think Paris Hilton without the rich family, so maybe the Kardashians-ish. She writes tell all novels about her life to attempt to know herself. She returns to small town in the middle of nowhere Bishop, Arkansas where she lived for a brief moment in her childhood. Yet that brief moment contained a devastating event that marked the town as well as Monica and her mother. Needing money to back her debt she goes back to write another tell all book this time about the death of her father. Monica is struggling to find herself and what it means to be a woman rather than a wild child.

Jackson Davies is a man with a mission, to be mayor and save the town. After the death of his parents he moved back to Bishop to look after his younger sister, Gwen. Several years down the line now, Bishop is in debt due to a factory shutdown and Gwen is full of teenage angst. All Jackson wants is meaningless sex and a life where he can be selfish. Surprise. He ends up entering the town in some competition which wins a biscuit factory and Jackson thinks he's got it in the bag until Monica arrives in town. Monica and Jackson have an attraction which stops and starts much like real life where the romance is awkward and uncertain. Eventually they find happiness in each other and realize that what you think you want isn't always what you actually want.

The book started off slowly because this wasn't your typical run of the mill romance where the focus is how quickly the couple can get into each others pants. Wild Child actually has story line substance and keeping up with the goings on in Bishop is highly amusing. Cora, the town chef is wonderful and Reba, the dog is a random cute companion. Shelby, the sassy pants art teacher is a welcome addition to the many characters, adding a little spice and more real life - not every woman gets the man and not every man is a knight in shining armor. I didn't think I would like it but after I got past the fact that this was no sex scene romance extravaganza I truly enjoy the crazy ass town that is Bishop, Arkansas.



Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing - Bantam Dell and Molly O'Keefe for the copy!

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