About Me

I'm 22 and I blog under Literary George. Born and raised in New Zealand, I have spent the last 5-6 years living and studying in Canada and the USA. I am currently studying in my third year at College which might help in explaining possible absences and any weirdo, crazy stress. Here's some stuff about me:

I love Beyonce. She a strong, beautiful woman and I don't think we see enough of them. I love her music like crazy and if I'm writing reviews I've probably got Beyonce on - true story. I also run a Beyonce tumblr if you are so inclined and want to check it out. No pressure!

I love reading. I used to get 20 books out from the library every 2 weeks. I think the librarians thought I was crazy or stealing but I am very proud to say I am a prompt returner of books! So the librarians had no right giving me the stank eye.

I covet e-reader's. I currently have a Kobo but I want a Kindle too. I can't use tablets because they make my eyes hurt and my left eyelid twitch. It looks super freaky so e-Ink all the way!

I spend all my spare money on books and sometimes some of my not so spare money too. I know my bank account hates me and so I try not to visit it to often. >< If you ever experience fear when needing looking at your bank balance - you know what I'm talking about.

I spend waaaaay too much time procrastinating - I think I have it down to an art form. I love looking on Buzzfeed, Thought Catalog and I could sit for days on Tumblr. It's completely unhealthy but horribly amusing. When I don't want to read or review books I'm on one of those three things.

I read super fast. I can read an average 100 page book in about an hour/hour and a half tops. I thought everyone read that quickly until a friend of mine gave me a lecture about how it takes her 3 weeks to read a book I finish in a day. Needless to say I stopped asking why she was taking so long when I saw her reading.

I started blogging because I wanted to share my love of books with others but also because if I didn't figure out a way to get books for free outside of the library I'd be penniless.

I love chatting books with people, reading new comments and getting new friend requests/followers. I could probably yammer on for days about this character and that scene and this couple and "omg I'm in love with Curran." So who better to talk books with than other crazy book hungry monsters- I mean bloggers - like me!? Don't hesitate to shoot me an email, facebook message, tweet or comment! I mean it - I'm not dodgy crazy and I would truly be happy to chat with you!

You can find my links to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter at the top of the page. Goodreads and Bloglovin' on the side.

THANK YOU for reading my blog and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Love and Hugs
Literary George