Berman's Wolves - By Gretchen SB *Spotlight*

When a scientist runs an experiment on three separate college campuses that goes horribly wrong, several hundred students find their lives altered forever. They must learn to adapt to their new lives as Werewolves. Immediately after the incident a government program was put in place to keep track of these unwitting subjects. After a year the program falls apart as those in charge argue on how to proceed.
Without the programmers constantly looking over their shoulders the werewolves have now started to organize themselves. Creating their own hierarchy and alliances.
Jack is the Alpha of Pacific Northwest University's pack F. He thought the government had finally taken a step back and let him and the other Alphas run their packs. Recently, however, he has been hearing rumblings about the programmers wanting to reinstate the program. He thought they were just rumors until he finds out one of his pack is being threatened by several of the lab assistants that took part in the original experiment. Now Jack must scramble to find allies and hunt down those threatening his pack. The more he goes looking the bigger the plot becomes.

Lyra knew the Weres who jumped her were members of pack L, former lab assistants of Berman’s from Pacific Northwest University. They hadn’t tried to negotiate this time, but had simply jumped her as turned the corner on her way home from the off-leash dog park in her neighborhood.
As soon as she smelled her attackers approaching, she turned to Hazel and pretended to have lost her cell phone. Hazel hadn’t questioned it, just taken Fizgig’s leash from Lyra’s outstretched hand and continued walking to Lyra’s apartment.
Lyra double-timed it toward the park. She knew her attackers would follow. All she needed was enough distance between them and Hazel. Lyra loved Hazel like family, but the other woman was not a fighter. Hazel would try, but she would only be hurt or used against Lyra. It didn’t really help matters that Hazel and Lyra knew all of each other’s secrets. In Lyra’s case some of those secrets could get them killed.
Lyra knew leading the attackers away from Hazel and the dogs was her best and only option. As the outskirts of the forested trail closed in around her, Lyra spun and braced herself for the attack. She could smell the malicious intent like rotting meat rolling off of them. She had one advantage: they didn’t know how well she could fight. Growing up in a predominantly male social group, Lyra had honed her skills. They thought girls were weak. They would underestimate her.  Lyra gave a small grin as the three Weres came into view around the bend.
Lyra posed as if she’d been off-guard and was helpless, widening her eyes and shrinking away in horror. The tallest guy headed toward her. Lyra counted, waiting until the last second when his arms stretched out to grab her. She roundhouse-kicked him in the head. The Were crumpled. Weres could take and dole out major damage and Lyra was stronger than most. The blow had landed perfectly, and he’d be out of commission for a few minutes.
The other two men didn’t make the same mistake; they rushed her. Lyra backed up. She needed more room than the thin nature trail provided. She was able to get one punch in to the guy on her left before the other man grabbed her.
Panic began to rise as a strong arm banded around her throat. Screaming to herself, she pushed the panic aside. She struggled to remember the course of action for this type of attack. Using the heel of her shoe, she stomped on her attacker’s foot. Inwardly she swore as she connected with a boot—she couldn’t do any damage that way. His arm tightened, and she knew he meant for her to lose consciousness. That would be bad. She felt the loss of breath acutely and Lyra knew she had maybe thirty seconds to get out of the hold before she was incapacitated.
She gave one swift kick behind her as she dug both her thumbs at her throat to relieve the pressure. Her kick hit true and her attacker cried out as her heel connected with groin.
She felt the man back up and she moved the opposite direction, scanning for the Were she’d punched in the stomach. She didn’t see him, not at first, but what she did see made her curse.

Gretchen happily lives in Seattle, Washington where she spends her time creating new characters and situations to put them in. She also enjoys cheering on her local sports teams, even though it sometimes seems they are allergic to winning.

Gretchen has spent most of her life in Washington state. She graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in History and a BA in Philosophy. Though there was a brief stint after college where she lived in Florida and worked for the mouse (Disney World). She loves that Washington provides a large range of activities, from Shakespeare in the park to rodeos.

She has had a love of reading and telling stories as far back as she, or anyone else, can remember. Currently, she loves to read the same genres she writes. She also loves exploring her home state. At the end of her adventures she unwinds by curling up on the couch, knitting while catching up TV shows via Netflix.


Nightmare Ink - By Marcella Burnard *Spotlight & Giveaway*

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With the needle of a tattoo gun, Isa Romanchzyk has the power to create and destroy. In her shop Nightmare Ink, Isa helps those in need by binding the powers embedded in their Live Ink—the magical tattoos that can enhance the life of the wearer, or end it. But binding tattoos has earned Isa the contempt of her fellow artists—including her former lover Daniel.
When a friend comes to the shop with a tattoo on the verge of killing him, Isa can’t turn him away. For the first time in years, she works Live Ink into someone’s skin—something she swore she’d never do again. But breaking her vow soon becomes the least of her problems.
Isa is horrified to discover her friend’s body in the shop, but the real nightmare begins when she’s abducted and inked against her will. Now, as she seeks retribution from the man who betrayed her, Isa must figure out how to bind her Living Tattoo before it consumes her completely...
 Isa refused to let the multiple puncture wounds in her thigh paralyze her. Entirely. Especially not when Troy texted that someone wanted a flat ink tattoo from her.
She hobbled through the snow to Nightmare Ink.A tall, slender young man with neat black hair and dark eyes opened the shop door as if he’d been watching for her. He wore dress slacks, a crisp white shirt, and a navy sweater.“Ria,” Isa said. “You look—”“Like I belong in church with my grandmother?” he interrupted, smiling. “I will be shortly. Your coat. Allow me.”“Thank you.”As Ria took her jacket, Isa caught Troy Daschel, a flat ink artist leasing shop space from her, eyeing the pair of them from where he sat behind the reception desk. He rose and held out a hand. “Here. I’ll hang that up.”“Gracias.” Ria gave Troy her coat. “I understand you are injured, seƱora. I am sorry to hear this. You are well enough to do a tattoo for me?”
“It’s nothing serious,” Isa said. “Come on back. We’ll get the paperwork filled out . . .”“Already done,” Troy said over his shoulder as he hung her coat in the back hallway.“Have a seat,” Isa said, leading Ria around the reception desk to her station. “What are we doing?”He settled into the chair as she switched on her work light. His gaze on hers, Ria turned his face so the overhead lamp spotlighted his left cheekbone. The light caught the three ink teardrops tattooed there.“A fourth.”Isa’s heart bumped down her ribs to her toes.Teardrop tattoos were supposed to represent a tally of the murders the wearer had committed. It didn’t stop thug wannabes and stars promoting an image from getting teardrops inked on their faces.But Ria wasn’t a wannabe.Isa didn’t know what the young gang leader and his gang did in Ballard. Didn’t want to know. It was enough that Ria had been her first customer at Nightmare Ink. He came to her when he wanted tattoos. He brought his people suffering Ink Madness to her for binding.Still watching her, he put a hand in his pocket and brought forth a gold and onyx ring like the one he wore, like all of his people wore.“Emilio,” he said. “Tragic, senseless waste. Stupid. His funeral is in two hours.”Isa rubbed the heel of one hand up her forehead.“A quarter of the Seattle Police Department is inspecting my basement, Ria,” she whispered. “Do you really want to advertise the fact that you killed one of your own people with cops crawling all over?”His fist closed on the ring until his knuckles turned white. “Yes. I do. Think of the stories that will be told. Police watch while I get another tattoo for another tool that failed me. A powerful message to the rest of them. Do not tell me you won’t do it.”Refusing to work on Ria wouldn’t change anything. She turned on her tattoo machine and drew the iridescent black outline of a fourth teardrop into the skin over his cheekbone.As if she weren’t jabbing him repeatedly with needles, Ria didn’t move a muscle until she finished and handed him a mirror.“Bueno,” he said, inspecting the work. “I will go to the funeral with a warning label written by your hand. You save lives.”
He rose and walked away.Troy, working not four feet away from Isa’s station, shut off his tattoo machine and straightened.At the reception desk, Ria pulled a couple of folded bills out of a pocket, counted off three, and tossed them to the counter.Isa stood.With a glance back at her, he flicked something else to the countertop. It clinked, hollow and metallic as it hit and rolled.A bullet casing.

Marcella Burnard graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in acting. She writes science fiction romance for Berkley Sensation.

Her first book, Enemy Within won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice award for Best Futuristic of 2010. The second book in the series, Enemy Games, released on May 3, 2011.

An erotica novella, Enemy Mine, set in the same world as the novels was released as an e-special edition by Berkley was released in April 2012. Emissary, a sword and sorcery short story released in the two volume Thunder on the Battlefield Anthology in the second half of 2013.

Fighting to Forget - By JB Salsbury *Review*

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Every fighter is drawn to the violence, the release that a perfect hit can bring. But very few are drawn to the pain. Rex Carter lives behind a wall of indifference. The demons from his childhood act as an anesthetic, keeping him distant from emotional connections. Only the ache from a knock to the jaw, the sting of a tattoo needle, or the heat from a piercing can jolt him back from the numbness. The fiery pain is all he can feel, and nothing compares to the burn. Or so he thought. Working in a Las Vegas bar isn't Georgia McIntyre's dream. But she hopes it'll be an end to the nightmare. She's watched him, followed him and kept tabs, all in preparation for this moment: to make amends and share the secret she’s been carrying since she was a kid. But she didn't count on the feelings that seeing him again would stir up, the vacant look in his stormy-blue eyes, and his perfect body now mutilated by ink and metal. And she knows why. She's lived his pain every single day, since the day he left. Changed by time, Rex doesn't remember the girl from his past. If only she could do the same. Will she get the absolution she's spent her life seeking? Or will he continue Fighting to Forget?
 My god. Finally a book that lives up to the hype! After multiple run ins with books that were huge disappointments Salsbury delivers oomph with a side of oh la la. In other words, "Fighting to Forgot" pulls no punches on emotional content and story while still managing to have a believeable and beautiful romance. Yay! While I've often had issues with damaged characters the slightly out there story of Rex and Gia snatched me from the first chapter and I couldn't tear myself away. I was emotionally ripped apart but in the best way possible. Salsbury also refuses to slip into the "love changes all things instantly" trope that is another pet peeve of mine. Rex and Gia don't magically get better or become perfect through their love, Salsbury gives them struggles and therapy to help them out. I loved that the real life was kept with the romance because overly fantastical romantic storylines leave you with less of an emotional buy in. I was all in with this particular story.

Both characters are strong and weak in a way that only true human beings can be. I adore the inner strength of Gia to keep going when things were rough. I was hugely upset at where she ended up part way through and with her backstory completely understood how she got to that place. (Trying not to spoil it for y'all, so I'm sorry if I'm vague!) Rex obviously was struggling with a lot of bullshit from his life and he worked so hard to actively work to get better. I was in love with these two throughout the whole book. I understood every decision, even if it was the worst and I felt their pain like it was mine. Salsbury knows how to write characters and flesh them out perfectly. The last time I loved a book so much was by Krista and Becca Ritchie so it will come as no surprise that JB Salsbury is jumping straight on to my favourites list! I cannot wait to see where she takes us next. My final closing note is - JEEEZUS, where can I find all these handsome, funny and ridiculously guy-ish men!? I want a Rex, Blake or Slade.

JB Salsbury, USA Today Best Selling author of the Fighting series, lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two kids. She spends the majority of her day as a domestic engineer. But while she works through her daily chores, a world of battling alphas, budding romance, and impossible obstacles claws away at her subconscious, begging to be released to the page. Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. With her journalistic background, writing has always been at the forefront, and her love of romance prompted her to sink her free time into novel writing. Fighting for Flight, Fighting to Forgive, and Fighting to Forget are the first three novels in the MMA romance series. Fighting the Fall is due to be released in October 2014. For more information on the series or just to say hello, visit JB on her website, Facebook, or Goodreads page.

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Raising Chaos - By Elizabeth Corrigan *Review & Giveaway*

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When good fails, chaos rises to the challenge.
The daily life of a chaos demon is delightfully sinful—overindulging in Sri Lankan delicacies, trespassing on private beaches in Hawaii, and getting soused at the best angel bar on the planet. But when Bedlam learns that the archdemon Azrael has escaped from the Abyss in order to wreak vengeance against the person who sent her there—Bedlam’s best friend, Khet—he can’t sit idly by.
Only one relic possesses the power to kill Khet, who suffers immortality at Lucifer’s request: the mythical Spear of Destiny, which pierced Christ’s side at His crucifixion. Neither angel nor demon has seen the Spear in two thousand years, but Azrael claims to know its location. Bedlam has no choice but to interpret woefully outdated clues and race her to its ancient resting place.
His quest is made nearly impossible by the interference of a persnickety archivist, Keziel—his angelic ex—and a dedicated cult intent on keeping the Spear out of the wrong hands. But to Bedlam, “wrong” is just an arbitrary word, and there’s no way he’s letting Khet die without a fight.
Another solid Urban Fantasy novel from Corrigan. I was interested to see how she would swing the shift in narrator but we just a three person trade off. Keeping up with Cassie, as usual, who is struck by the departure of Gabriel and the inconsistency of Bedlam. We get to see into the mind of Bedlam and he lives up to his gift of chaos because keeping on track through his thoughts is impossible. I found his ability to converse with himself slightly annoying toward the end. However, his heart of gold shone through in his quest to save Cassie. Our final narrator is an angel called Siren who is the speaker of truth. I liked this new character much more than I thought. She was a slice of responsibility without Cassie's need to constantly help others. I adored her truth telling abilities even when they were slightly abrasive. Siren gave the story more order when Bedlam was a riot of random emotions and focuses. 

I was sucked in from beginning to end and will definitely be continuing the series. I want to know if angels will ever be able to love without their tragic stories. Could Gabriel and Cassie ever be together? Will Bedlam be redeemed from his selfish one true love? This is truly a brilliant start to a series that could take us anywhere. The future is endless and if these past two books are anything to go off, it will be a marvelous ride.

Elizabeth Corrigan has degrees in English and psychology and has spent several years working as a data analyst in various branches of the healthcare industry. When she’s not hard at work on her next novel, Elizabeth enjoys singing, reading teen vampire novels, and making Sims of her characters.
She drinks more Diet Coke than is probably optimal for the human body and is pathologically afraid of bees. She lives in Maryland with two cats and a purple Smart Car.
Author Page Red Adept Publishing:

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Dark Souls Series - By Anne Hope *Spotlight & Giveaway*

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"Born to hunt and destroy...until the light of one soul reawakens his own."
Adrian knows he once possessed a soul, but it abandoned him the day he was murdered. The day he was reborn as a Rogue, shunned by humans and hunted by his own kind. By night he feeds the darkness inside him by finding and snuffing out corrupt souls, perfectly content to live as an outcast-until a random act of violence unites him with a woman who makes him feel.
Angelica Paxton believes everyone deserves a second chance. Even her rescuer, a mysterious stranger with hypnotic powers, an unsettling ability to invade her dreams, and a shocking secret. Much as her body wants to succumb to Adrian's seductive charms, she can't. Not without breaking his newly awakened heart.
Adrian swears to protect Angie from his kind, even if staying by her side means volunteering at the center where she works to reform the very souls he has vowed to crush. Even if it means abandoning the shadows for the light. Even if that light exposes the darkest threat he's ever faced. One from which he is powerless to save her...
Warning: This book contains flying subway cars, a woman in jeopardy, a relentless villain who'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and a dark, sexy hero who could very well haunt your dreams and steal your heart.

Dark Souls Series - Book 1 | Add to Goodreads
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The one man she wants is the one man destined to destroy her.
Sooner or later we all end up dead. Jace Cutler doesn’t have the luxury of staying that way. After receiving a fatal stab wound, he awakens in a hospital room in Portland, Oregon, with no memory and a big hole where his soul used to be. Worst of all is the glow. Everyone is surrounded by a strange white aura he hungers to possess, none more compelling than the one enveloping Dr. Lia Benson.
Lia has always been ruled by reason, refusing to put stock in such nebulous things as destiny. Until Jace dies in her arms, then miraculously comes back to life. Whenever he’s near, her soul responds and her body burns. And she’s consumed by odd dreams she’s convinced are Jace’s lost memories.
When Lia is kidnapped, Jace tracks her and discovers a shocking explanation for who—and what—he is. Something no longer human, a dark legacy that until now has lain dormant within him. Something that could destroy the one woman he’d sacrifice everything to protect.

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"Save her life or save mankind. His choice could cost him his soul. "
For nearly two centuries, Marcus has been the Watchers most faithful soldier. Sworn to protect humanity, driven by an unrelenting compulsion to atone for past sins, he has rarely found a compelling reason to question his mission, let alone defy his leader.
His partner, Regan, is his exact opposite, an enigma he longs to solve. A free spirit and reckless to a fault, Regan acts first and thinks later. Her smart mouth and tender heart have fascinated Marcus for decades, but the Watchers strict vow of celibacy has forced him to ignore the sizzling attraction between them. Until now.
When Regan goes rogue to protect a very special little boy, Marcus is forced to make an impossible choice commit an act of treason or watch the woman he secretly loves die.
Hunted by enemies and allies alike, Regan and Marcus run for their lives, fighting to thwart an age-old prophecy and guard a boy whose destiny may very well be to destroy the world or save it.

Dark Souls Series - Book 3 | Add to Goodreads
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A man she'd die for, a world she was born to defend... Only one can survive.
For twenty-five years, Adrian has mourned the loss of his soul mate, Angie. He's content to live as an outcast...until a series of abductions forces him out of seclusion and into the arms of the very woman he loved and lost. Angie's reincarnation, Emma.
Emma is on the run, hunted by soulless creatures whose one goal is to possess her soul. They have taken everything: her home, her identity, her mother. Left with no other choice, she must trust her fate to Adrian, the enigmatic stranger who comes to her rescue. An immortal being whose illicit touch makes her blood burn and awakens an inexplicable desire in her heart.
Emma follows Adrian to his isolated community in Arizona, where she is assailed by visions of a past life. As passion ignites and her enemies close in, Emma is drawn into a world where nothing is what it seems and where love could prove the greatest weakness of all.
Warning: Contains a dark, tortured hero, a hunted woman who can't remember loving him, a nasty villain hell-bent on destroying the world, and a timeless love story you won't soon forget.

Anne Hope lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband, two exhaustible kids, my cat and a school of shamelessly multiplying guppies. When she's not chairing the next PTA meeting or driving my little bundles of joy to school, gymnastics, karate, soccer practice and any other activity you can imagine, she's writing books. She's always had an overactive imagination. As a child, most of her days were spent creating characters and weaving stories together. When she was eight, she wrote her first book. 
Anne began a journey into the riveting, cutthroat world of business. Earning a BComm from Concordia University and an MBA from McGill University, she landed a job as an account executive in a marketing agency. But as interesting as this field was, writing still called to her and she spent many hours penning my first contemporary romance, Beyond Earth and Sky, on the company computer.

Shortly after that, she left the marketing agency and became a product manager for Neutrogena, where she was responsible for marketing strategy as well as writing copy for magazine ads, packaging, press kits, and various promotional materials. Again, her passion for writing spilled into her work and she realized her dream of being an author would never see the light of day if she didn’t actually pursue it. So she quit my job and decided to learn everything she could about the publishing world.

In the following years, Anne wrote two contemporary romances—Tell Me No Lies and Where Dreams are Made (then entitled Finding Home)—both of which met with impressive success, placing in numerous Romance Writers of America (RWA) contests and receiving positive feedback from contest judges. Tell Me No Lies placed fourth in the RWA New England First Kiss Contest and second in the Ottawa RWA First Meet Contest, where it was commended for its voice, dialogue, descriptions and innovativeness.

Where Dreams Are Made was even more successful, placing first in the Ottawa First Meet Contest, second in the RWA San Francisco Heart to Heart Contest and was a finalist in the Barclay Sterling Awards Contest. Most exciting of all, Where Dreams Are Made was selected as a Golden Heart Finalist in the single title category.

Many years and several attempts later, her dream has finally become a reality. Where Dreams Are Made—the story of an impoverished woman on the brink of being forced into prostitution who falls in love with the scarred, reclusive toymaker she was hired to befriend—has been bought by Samhain and will be released both as an e-book and in print.

Website -

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The Pleasure Room - By D.N. Simmons *Review & Giveaway*

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Felicity Summers is an ambitious reporter who's trying to make a name for herself as a serious investigative journalist with the biggest newspaper in the city; the Chicago Word. When she catches wind of a rumor about the city's mayor that might just be the hottest story of the decade, she jumps at the opportunity to expose the corrupt mayor and derail his chances at winning a second term. All she has to do is infiltrate a private BDSM club to catch him in the act. Simple right? Well, maybe it would have been if not for the club's extremely dominant, gorgeous and charming owner, Sir Alistair Montgomery-Piers. He takes notice of her at one of the scenes and sees something in Felicity that he wants to her to explore. Alistair makes her an offer neither she nor her body can refuse. Can Felicity stay focused on her mission long enough to get the proof for her top secret story, or will Alistair completely take over her heart, mind, body and soul? Reader Advisory. This novel contains the following warnings: Adult Themes. Strong Sexual Situations. Lots of Foul Language. Hot, Naked Bodies. Sexy Accents. Lusty Toys That Make You Beg For More. And a Whole Lot of Other Naughty Things That Will Send Your Libido Into Overdrive... Are Your Ready To Unleash Your Desires?

Without further ado, she walked towards the back to the black door Gregory led her to before marked “Employees only”. She took her membership card and ran it through the card slot and the red light turned green and the door unlocked. She opened it and began making her trek up the two small flights of stairs. Once she reached the top, she parted the red velvet curtains, not sure what she was going to see this time around. She tried hard not to stand in the doorway like a deer caught in a set of headlights, but once again, her feet failed her. This time she didn't have Gregory to guide her and she felt like she was teetering on the edge of a panic attack. Two scenes were going on at the same time. Hanging from a leather swing contraption was a beautiful and very naked blonde woman. Both her legs were spread wide, ankles bound by the straps on the swing. Her wrist were handcuffed to the other end of the swing and she lay helpless, exposed for all to see, while her female Domme spanked her breast teasingly with a leather crop. The other scene was another spanking. A muscular man, almost the size of the bouncer who'd let her in, was bound to that cross-shaped contraption and his female mistress was tearing into him with a leather whip. Each contact to his skin left red welts that the crowd appeared to approve of.
“It's beautiful, isn't it?” a deep, caramel-smooth, British voice asked her from behind causing her to nearly jump out of her skin. So much for playing it cool.
Felicity turned around, ready to curse out whoever it was violating her personal space. But when her eyes trailed up his tall, powerfully built frame and locked on the jade-green gaze of the man before her, she lost her voice. His full, luscious lips parted in a killer smile that would make Don Juan envious. His jaw was strong and defined and made her want to run her fingers along the smooth lines. Everything about this man was sheer perfection. Never in her life had she seen a man so beautiful with such a presence, that it engulfed her. It frightened her and excited her. She immediately felt her nipples harden and the little things were betraying her through her bra and blouse. His eyes didn't miss the show, either. They glided down her body, taking in her appearance from head to toe, lingering only but a second at her breasts. Long enough for his lip to quirk up at the corner ever so slightly.
“W-what did you say?” was the only words Felicity could form at the moment. He ought to be grateful for that... or was it the other way around? she wondered.

“I said they're beautiful, aren't they?” he repeated. That same sensuous, crisp accent slicing through her mental barrier like a hot knife through butter.

Simmons writes BDSM magic. I was a little skeptical it was going to be another typical billionaire Dom books but there's a beautiful dynamic built between the main characters which sets it apart from other novels. Simmons is savvy on the BDSM front and allows a trustful relationship to develop from mutual attraction. I enjoyed the "discovery" aspect of the novel and it transitioned well into a slightly more experienced level of intimate play. Alistair was a flawless Dom who was blessedly lacking in the arrogant asshole persona that so often graces billionaire's in BDSM these days. He was equal parts firm as he was sweet. I liked that he laughed and didn't have some horrifying past that "made him the way he is." This, my friends, is how a writer can have a dominant male without making him a brooding douchebag. Kudos Simmons!

My only problems were with Felicity and the finale drama. Felicity was judgemental and she often made me cringe with her comments. Granted she sorted herself out and stopped being so closed minded but it definitely made her less likeable. She also came across as slightly naive and whingey when she didn't know what to do or what decision to make. God dammit woman where was the authoritative confidence you showed at the end. In regards to the finale drama, the relationship conflict wasn't a surprise but the last emotional panic seemed a little bit over dramatic.

Otherwise this is a wonderful BDSM read and definitely a high recommend. Think Cherise Sinclair - Masters of the Shadowlands series, Simmons is of a similar vein. Grab a copy and let me know what YOU think! :)

D.N. Simmons lives in Chicago IL., with a rambunctious German Shepherd that's too big for his own good and mischievous cat that she affectionately calls "Itty-bitty". She is highly acclaimed for her groundbreaking, fast-paced and engaging novels winning “Author of the Month” at Warrior of Words, “New Voice Of Today” at Romance Reviews and “Rising Star” at Love Romance and More.

She has been nominated at Love Romances and More, for “Best Book” of 2012 and “Best Paranormal Book” of 2012.

When she isn't writing, D.N. loves to read, listen to music, watch movies and TV and hang out with friends.

To learn more, and have the opportunity to speak with the author personally, please visit her official website at D.N. is always interesting in meeting new and wonderful people.
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