Quantum Gravity Series 3,4,5 - By Justina Robson *Review*

Going Under (Goodreads) - Chasing the Dragon (Goodreads)- Down to the Bone (Goodreads)

Because my comments for the last three books in the series are similar I'm cheating and making them have one review - sue me. In all honesty, this series could have been shorter. There were many scenes that dragged on despite having one of the more intricate plots I've read in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy book. My drive to finish the series was pushed by my inability let characters go with no resolution - I NEEDED to know what happened to Lila, Zal and Teazle. I was disappointed Teazle always got the short end of the stick and we never truly explored his dynamic with Zal and Lila. He was my favourite character, especially after Zal had his accident because Zal never quite returned to the quirky guy I adored.  The final book was paced faster than any of the others and despite reading ALL of the books over 3 days I still managed to lose track of what was going on. I ended up reading the last chapters of the last book multiple times just to get the plot threads straight... Argh. My overall conclusion is that while I enjoyed the series overall it was a challenge that wasn't always entertaining.

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