30 Days to Syn - By Charlotte Boyett-Compo *Review*

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The ad reads: Young woman (American only) willing to engage in domination roleplay. No BDSM. Salary: $1,000,000 upon completion of contract. Length of employment: 30 consecutive nights.
Drowning in debt, Melina Wynth is going under for the third time. With a dead-end job and a disabled brother dependent on her, the ad in the paper could be the lifeline to keep her from sinking. Reeling in her courage, she casts her line.
Synjyn McGregor is a shark—a very wealthy shark from Down Under—and his bite could prove to be her undoing. But Lina is determined she isn’t going to allow him to get away. The length of employment might read thirty nights, but she suspects he is fishing for something more.

Synjyn needs a woman who will love him—mentally and physically—as never before. A woman whose touch will not only put the billionaire in his place but keep him there…begging for more. He will quickly realize Lina is made for Syn.
This book was definitely a page turner. I barely put it down from page one. However, the NZ slang got a little bit much. Being a Kiwi myself it was quite nice to start off with but as the book went a little overboard - mainly because it came across as a bit forced because I don't think NZ-ers talk like that at all. The storyline is typical to what is hot right now in the romance genre - misunderstood billionaire looking for someone to love. There were aspects that were different and interesting - the advertisement, the room - but the relationship was the usual, not very rich woman changes the moody male. There is definitely enough drama to keep you interested and it wasn't far fetched dramatics. My only other critique would be the ending was a bit abrupt given the previous events. I didn't feel the issue was given it's due. Otherwise it's a wonderful book and I enjoyed the NZ dialogue - it was nice to have some Kiwi humour for a change. :)

Thank you to Charlotte Boyett-Compo for the copy in exchange for a honest review.

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A native of Sarasota, Florida, Charlee was adopted at birth and grew up in Colquitt and Albany, Georgia. She says of her heritage: "I was born in Florida and raised in Georgia so that makes me an official Sunshine Cracker!" She now lives in the Midwest where she enjoys the changing of the seasons.
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