King Cave - By Scarlett Dawn *Review*

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The revolution is here, but the most dangerous attack may come from within...
The safe, comfortable world of Lily Ruckler and her fellow Mystical Kings and Queens is rocked to the core by the attacks at King Hall. Not only does Lily have to kill the Commoners attacking her people, she also has to assume the mantle of leadership, and bring the surviving Mysticals to King Cave.
It should have been too much, but she is not alone. Ezra becomes her rock, her best friend, the one person who understands. As Pearl and Jack struggle with inconsolable loss, Ezra and Lily work to keep the Mys community safe in their new home, and plan a deadly retaliation.
Their friendship saves them both...but it also draws attention. Whispers. Judgment. It's not normal for Shifters and Vampires to be friends, and when a horrifying truth is revealed, their relationship morphs from unusual to unspeakable. Lily is good at keeping secrets that could get her killed. Is she willing to risk Ezra's life as well?

Aha! Here's where the romance begins! I admit I saw this coming but not in such an explosive fashion. I'm not going to say anything more than that because it is vital you read it without spoilers. ;) After the shocking events (read cliffhanger) at the end of "King Hall" we retreat to the King Cave Sanctuary. This poor protection dome becomes drama central - at some points I felt it was a little sopa pera-esque - just when you thought it couldn't get any more dramatic, BOOM - next level. This second book of the series focuses heavily on the relationships of the four prodigies and I didn't mind the focus. It fleshed out the characters a little more than "King Hall" and I enjoyed their weird interactions. However, if you were hoping on some development about the Com plot to kill Mystics it's not really here. There is obviously a larger political game being played but it happens outside of the narrative we are receiving. We get pieces of the story within the romantic focus but only drips and dribbles. "King Cave" felt like a book of two parts with a teaser to the next installment ("King Tomb" btw) at the end. Was I entertained? Hell Yes! But would I have liked a little more plot outside of who was sleeping with who and why? Yeah kind of but I'm thinking Dawn has a few aces up her sleeve waiting for book three. The ending is still a cliffhanger but not as bad as "King Hall." I am dying to read "King Tomb" and if you like fantasy/romance join me on the Forever Evermore series train!

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