Drowning in a Dream - By Lila Veen (#COYER)

Blackwater Series - Book 2
Leah struggles with her emotions as her heart is torn in half by the two men who ignite her. As she battles her feelings for Theo and Ash, she searches for her father who may hold the answers to the history of the Coven. Eleanor and Drew search for their kidnapped son in the heart of the Louisiana wilderness, while uncovering some family connections between Eleanor and Gabriel Locke. Erika tries to cover her tracks after Ash reaches out to her for assistance. She is still heartbroken but her journey reveals that perhaps she doesn’t have to be for very long. Olivia discovers there is a world waiting for her outside of Blackwater, and breaks out of her protective barrier to uncover it. Follow the four women who were introduced in Book One of the Blackwater Saga, as they craft their way through the dangers that go hand in hand with being a part of the Coven.

After the last book I was eager to sink my teeth into this story but the four different female perspectives threw me off a little. There had been no switching between characters in the last book and the single chapter for each character came as a slightly unwelcome surprise. All of the four stories are written well and connect with their character - Leah, Olivia, Eleanor or Erika - but my main issue is they were hugely distracting. With the cliffhanger in "Burning for You" I was eager to know what would happen next with Leah, Ash and Theo and so every chapter I had to spend away from Leah was irritating. I couldn't give any of the other characters my full attention  and they were essentially irrelevant to the developing overall plot of Leah's story. While there were aspects within Eleanor, Erika and Olivia's stories to connect back to Leah the majority of their chapters were extra pieces could have been a whole different story. I would have preferred these three extra stories as novella's and kept the focus on Leah. This is just my opinion as I have difficulty switching from one character to another, especially when they haven't been the main focus of previous stories. Olivia is still my most disliked character and in this book her wallowing takes an all time high. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. She is thirty three and needs to get her act together instead of playing innocent victim of circumstance - cry me a river, girl. Despite loving Leah more than anyone I have to say that Erika has wedged herself firmly in my favourite characters with a take no bollocks, less inclined to sit and mope attitude. I would be interested to see how her story with her criminal catalyst works out.

I was sad this book didn't deliver as much of the awesome-ness I expected after reading book one. Aside from the narrator switches Veen still has the magic addicting touch. It's very well written typical of Veen and Leah's story still had me by the balls at the end of the book so of course I read the final story in the series "The Air that I Breathe." See my other reviews: Burning For You (1). The Air that I Breathe (3).

xxx Literary George
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Drowning in a Dream (Blackwater, #2)

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