10 Best Books of 2013 + GIVEAWAY!

In celebration of the New Year I am counting down my 10 favorite reads from 2013!!!
I have managed to sift through the 102 books I read this year to pick out my favs - even limiting myself to one from every series. 

THANK YOU for following my blog this year!!
 I look forward to more fabulous books and giveaways in 2014. 
xxx Literary George

NOTE: Titles link to Goodreads and Authors link to their websites.
Without further ado, THE COUNTDOWN:

Manhattan Ten Series #1
Superheroes and love. What more could you want!? (My Review)

Pride Series #8
A country werewolf meets curly haired crazy werejackal. Laughter and love. (My Review)

Hers Series #2
One of the hottest books this year - sex on a motorbike? YES PLEASE! (My Review Hers)

Secret Series #2
Female sexual awakening - sassy and smart. (My Review)

Sinners on Tour Series #5
Rockers, threesomes, love and Olivia Cunning = PURE MAGIC. (My Review Wicked Beat)

Angelbound Series #1
A fresh new adult stunner - the start of a wicked fantasy series. (My Review)

Club Shadowlands Series #2
Dom/sub wonderland, newbie Kari meets the steamy Master Dan.

New Species Series #2
Danger, suspense, hot chemistry - Trisha and Slade spark fire!

Soul Stripper Series #2
An independent succubus investigator - twists and turns to keep the pages turning. (My Review)

Addicted Series #2
Hands down the best series I have ever read. Flawless.
(My Reviews - Addicted to You & Ricochet)

GIVEAWAY - 6 winners!
Starts: 12 am Jan 1st EST 
Ends: Tuesday 7th Jan at 12am EST.
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  2. Addicted for Now!

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