Bitten by Treachery - By Shawntelle Madison

Hadley Wolves - Book 2
It's not like Charly the witch wanted to betray the Hadley werewolves. Or infiltrate the pack. But it's the only way to save her mother and protect her coven from a dark evil. She's a witch in wolf's clothing - until an unfortunate bite forces her to become the one thing she detests the most.
The last time a witch came to Hadley, she almost destroyed Trenton's pack. He won't let it happen again, especially now that this lone wolf is feeling so drawn to a certain new new girl in town. Charly is the most intriguing woman he's ever met, and he wants to know all about her.
The passion between Charly and Trenton shocks them both, but can she trust him with her secret...and her heart? One thing is for certain: she has to tell him the truth soon - before it brings about the end of both Trenton and the innocent citizens of Hadley.
This book is quite short so I'm not sure if that makes it a novella. Due to the length there isn't much plot development, there is a twist but it's less shocking because you don't really know the characters. Charly seems to have the best intentions with everything she does but I can only stomach it so far. She is being blackmailed by the bitchest coven I've ever read - supposedly her family - and eventually her actions come across as a puppet following orders. Thankfully, she turns her brain on and decides to think about alternate actions but by that point it's too late to stop the evil witches.

Trenton is a doll. He's sweet, kind and generous to Charly from the get go and the pack welcomes her into their fold without hesitation. #why I love werewolves. Trenton is attracted to Charly but she apparently enchants him. I have one qualm with this because I don't feel it's ever resolved - did Charly enchant him or did they just connect as lovers? Because I sincerely thought that her magic failed and they were connected by their feelings. If you read it let me know what you thought because it's bugging me! Charly is like a battered puppy who wants to trust and love but doesn't believe it will happen. In the final scene she grows a pair and puts her spunk into overdrive however, it's right before the ending.

Overall, it's a good not great paranormal romance. I probably wont pick up the next book in the series but it was a pleasing read. At points the flow was a bit choppy, events starting without a seamless merge. But seen as it's so short I will excuse it.

xxx Literary George
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Bitten by Treachery (Hadley Werewolves #2)

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