Wicked Beat - By Olivia Cunning

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Olivia Cunning? The Sinners on Tour series is one not to be missed if you love reading erotica but with a decent story line. Olivia Cunning had me at Backstage Pass which is book one in the series but with Wicked Beat she stole my heart. Eric Sticks is the drummer of the band who is a little bit of a class clown who is often in the background of the other books because Sticks, he likes to watch... In Wicked Beat we learn more about Eric and everything I learned made me adore him but first Rebekah Blake.

Rebekah is the sister of the sound operator Dave. I have to admit though I have read these books many, many times I had not remembered a Dave until I met Rebekah. Dave was in a serious accident from which Eric saved his life. Unfortunately the accident has left Dave in a wheelchair and the Sinners without a sound operator. Rebekah however, is every bit as skilled as her brother but has been able to put that skill into action. In a meeting of the band and Dave, she requests to take the position of sound operator until Dave is able to return. This is where she meets Eric. Eric sweetheart that he is falls head over heels for the young lady who has the same colour cobalt blue in her hair that he does. Who knew he was a closet romantic?!

Rebekah gets the job and heads on tour with the Sinners. Oh did I mention she has a little crush on Trey the guitarist who is in love with Brian the other guitarist? Brian is married to Myrna the sex therapist and they just had a baby. Twisted love circle aside, Rebekah practically has a threesome with Trey and Eric within moments of getting to the tour bus, they hadn't even started the tour yet! However, she backs out even though she is incredibly into because of some issues with a past lover. Rebekah's ex told her that when they had sex she felt "weird" and so they couldn't have sex. Yeah, he's an asshole but don't worry it gets explained.

Rebekah and Eric hit it off, he cracks immature jokes and she loves it. He cums too quickly because he's super turned on and Rebekah loves it because it makes her feel sexy, powerful and wanted. Rebekah learns that the key to Eric's stamina is how often he cums in a day and sets about testing her theory. Their carefree and loving relationship rips my heart out and makes me want to steal Eric away but even then I couldn't do it they are so perfect. Not only that their sex scenes are maybe not as steamy as other books in the series, Sed Lionheart you demon, but they have so much humour and love. Dear god this is coming off as much to mushy, they are in fact hella raunchy just like the rest of the Sinners crew!! Rebekah loves to role play and to have Eric watch her get down with her bad self. Eric is happy to play along leading to some hilarious and steamy scenes with a nurse, a french maid etc. They do have some rough patches and Rebekah's family are not all like laid back Dave but somehow they get through.

This book was the perfect mix of romance and erotica I've read, I would highly recommend this and the other Sinners books. Find the Sinner to your liking... I know I've found mine!! :) Buy them to read over and over again, at least that's what I do.



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A HUGE thank you to NetGalley, Olivia Cunning and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the advanced copy! I will love you forever!!!
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