Caught by Menace - By Lolita Lopez

Grabbed - Book 2
We meet Naya trying to enter a "Grab" in order to save her friend Jenny? Juliet? I forget because this friend is irrelevant after Naya enters the Grab. Naya is a single, independent woman who runs a pawnshop and has contacts in high places. It is these contacts that allow her to enter the dreaded "Grab" to save J-girl. This novel is based on a planet called Calyx and has a human settlement called Connor's Run which is where our leading lady Naya lives. Don't worry if you can't quite figure this out, all you really need to know is that this isn't Earth, there is some kind of intergalactic war going on and there are these smoking hot warriors who fight called the Harcos. One such Harcos is Menace, yep that's his name.

Menace is a battle-hardened warrior with a heart of frickin' gold. All Menace wants is to settle down, reproduce and live happily ever after. In order to do this he must have a lovely lady and Harcos warriors have an agreement that they run these "Grabs" to catch a wife. Naya is of course caught by Menace in an interesting turn of events. Menace claims her as his wife but Naya has other ideas. You see Naya has believed that Harcos are evil, thieving woman en slavers and she's not actually wrong except for the evil part. Menace realizing that his wife has a bit of a warped view of him and quite afraid of becoming in anyway intimate with him puts on his heart of gold pants. He is understanding, sweet and absolutely wicked. He puts Naya at ease while pushing her boundaries with intimacy. It's a sweet seduction and I was definitely rooting for Menace! My slight issue with this part is that despite Naya's reservations they bond very quickly which doesn't seem to mesh well with Naya's hard ass character.

Anyway, they continue to build trust and Menace takes Naya to the mens club which is a super hot raunchy scene. But there is a shadow over their possible happiness, some asshole named Terror and Naya's dumb ass family. Terror confused the heck out of me, I wasn't sure if he was friend or foe or just general dickhead. I have not read the first book but he doesn't seem to have very good rapport with those characters either. Regardless, shit hits the fan, Naya gets stuck in the middle and Menace goes to save the day. A happy ending and an entertaining read.

This book is not very Dom/sub, it has smidgens of it throughout but Menace and Naya are not a hardcore Dom/sub couple so if you are looking for that this book is not it. There is some kind of story line surrounding the political drama of the planet Calyx but I didn't really follow it. It may be important in future books but in this is just seemed like a way to insert conflict for Naya. I thought Menace was a sweetheart which I did not expect and overall the story was interesting but not riveting. I would read the next book if it were about Terror because he was such a stand out character otherwise I'd let this series lie. Lolita Lopex, despite this book comes across as a solid fantasy erotica author and I am definitely going to have a fossick on the internet for other works by her.



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