Forceful Negotiations - By Eden Connor

Carmine Club Series: No. 1

I have to admit this book had me a little befuddled with the whole Eros, Peter and Ishmael thing at the
beginning. Peter sends Eros off to the human world because he is tormenting Ishmael (If someone would like to shed light on this whole thing that would be fabbo). Anyway, we end up with Eros at the Carmine Club by a woman called Willa Davis Seachrist. The club has been created to give women their ultimate, deepest, darkest fantasy. Teague Tillis wants in on it but her fantasy shames her, she wants to act out being forced into having sex. Willa remarks this is not at all an unusual request from women and thus we begin.
Cam Calloway is introduced to the club through his boss and is a former prosecutor, he goes in naive and on a budget. The bidding scene I must say was a stroke of genius, the women are displayed in a highly erotic manner which I won't go into too much detail here because I think it's best read yourself. Regardless it was a scene that is beautifully written and ramps up the tension between these two strangers. They obviously have an electric connection and Cam chooses to bid on her. However, once he realizes that her fantasy is to be forced he has problems because he prosecuted real life rapists and doesn't understand why someone would fantasize about it.

I was a tad iffy about the fact that he asks to retract his bid and then because he doesn't want another man to have her he decides to just go for it. This leads to a kind of run of the mill scene with all the posturing and hoorah of a man trying to dominate yadda yadda. Afterwards Cam takes it upon himself to question Teague's fantasy to her face making her feel bad which is mean a) because he makes her feel ashamed and b) because it was the ONE RULE in the club not to make the women ashamed of their fantasy! Idiot. They part ways and never see each other again until serendipity steps in. Their story I have to admit wasn't exceptionally interesting, I was distracted by the past of Willa Davis Seachrist and the secretary she has. The auction scene was decadent and as I said I am still confused about the whole Eros, Peter, Ishmael involvement. I felt they could have just been left out... All in all it's a quick read and I would recommend picking it up if only to read the auction. :)



Huge thank you to NetGalley and Eden Connor for the copy!

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