Notorious Nineteen - By Janet Evanovich

I've always been a fan of Janet Evanovich and Miss Stephanie Plum. Who couldn't love the quirky female character she has brought into existence, a bounty hunter who has bitten off more than she can chew. Yet I find myself getting more and more frustrated with the Stephanie Plum novels. In this nineteenth installment the usual characters are there: Morelli, Ranger, Lula, Stephanie's Mum, Dad and the fabulous Grandma Mazur with the same jokes and situations. Where is the originality that initially sucked me into this series???

Morelli and Stephanie are a little bit more serious but when I say a little it really is the barest of changes. Stephanie has stopped thinking about possibly taking Ranger up on his offers but she still lives in her apartment. Ranger is still the hot man on the side with Stephanie making the same comments about said hotness. He hasn't changed much and to be honest his character doesn't do anything but save Stephanie from her ridiculous fiascoes. Fiascoes that used to be funny are now simply tired. Not to mention the fact that it has been how many years in Stephanie world and she still isn't any good at her job? You would think that she would do some training or find a different job. I'm actually not entirely sure why she is still a bounty hunter when it was only supposed to be a filler. You can take the "I'm new at this" only so far before it becomes "I suck at this and yet I still do it."

I guess what's missing from this series now is change. These characters have become stagnant and you don't read a sequel to receive the same book. It's the same old Janet Evanovich but that's what has become the problem. I won't be hanging out for the next book maybe I'll eventually borrow it from the library. If only to check if Stephanie has grown up after twenty books and whether Evanovich has let her.



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