Restless Spirit - By Sommer Marsden

Tuesday Cane walks out on her life and her abusive man when she inherits her grandmother's house at Allister Lake. There she finds plenty of distractions to take her mind off her loss with her sexy neighbour and handyman Shepherd, former TV star Reed and her old flame Adrian. But, as time passes, she senses that something is not quite right with her new life. And no amount of steamy sexual encounters can hide her anxiety. Surrounded by so many interesting men and erotic enticements, Tuesday has no intention of committing to one man ever again. But the more she insists she's nobody's girl, the more she wants to be somebody's girl. Will she continue to be a restless spirit and run from love or will she be won over?

This book has a tonne of sex. I mean I read erotic novels a lot and my first thought after reading this was "well, that was a lot of sex."  And not just run of mill romantic missionary sex, ooooh no, this is over a table, against a bookcase, steamy hot, holy shit yes, sex. Yep. I'm even giving this book a whole extra star simply for the imaginative and extremely well written sex scenes. The title does include "Erotic Novel" so it seems only fair to note the erotic content. *wink wink* amiright? However, don't brush this book off as a sex filled novel without much substance, there is a story line.
Tuesday is the leading lady moving back to her home town in an attempt to start life anew after breaking up with an abusive boyfriend - cue self discovery theme track.

Considering I would give this story 3 stars without the wicked awesome sexy time here are my issues with "Restless Spirit." The relationship between Tuesday and her neighbor didn't seem to have much connection past the "spark" and Tuesday feeling safe with him. From their dialogue I didn't build a convincing emotional draw. While they kept telling each other they were broken I found myself scoffing a little because it came across as an excuse for them to keep their distance from everyone. I definitely believe they've been hurt and deeply affected by previous relationships but the whole "I'm broken and therefore can't commit" was slightly drama queen-esque. I think the truest words were spoken by Tuesday's deceased grandmother "the biggest obstacle is yourself." For the main characters, the only person saying they couldn't was themselves and thankfully they eventually realized it too.

xxx Literary George
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Restless Spirit: An Erotic Novel

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