Kiss the Sky - By Krista and Becca Ritchie (Review)

Virgin. Sex addict. Daredevil. Alcoholic. Smartass … Jackass. Her five friends are about to be filmed. Reality TV, be prepared. 
Rose Calloway thought she had everything under control. At twenty-three, she’s a Princeton graduate, an Academic Bowl champion, a fashion designer and the daughter of a Fortune 500 mogul. But with a sex addict as a sister and roommate, nothing comes easy.
After accepting help from a producer, Rose agrees to have her life filmed for a reality television show. The Hollywood exec is her last chance to revive her struggling fashion line, and boundaries begin to blur as she’s forced to make nice with a man who always has his way.
Twenty-four-year-old Connor Cobalt is a guy who bulldozes weak men. He’s confident, smart-as-hell and lives with his equally ambitious girlfriend, Rose Calloway. Connor has to find a way to protect Rose without ruining the show. Or else the producer will get what Connor has always wanted—Rose’s virginity.

5 overwhelmed and awestruck stars out of 5 with Beyonce on top

I've been putting off reviewing this book because I don't know how to write how much I love and appreciate this novel. It's the two characters I've loved since the start of "Addicted to You." It is everything I dreamed it would be and all the things I didn't even know I wanted. Reviewing this book would be like trying to tell you how much I love the new Beyonce album - have you got a couple hours and enough patience? Probably not and yet how else am I to do justice for such perfection I ask you?! I'm going to forget something or not have the right words to express myself. I'm just going to fumble through this so please don't hate if this review isn't great cause I'm already agonizing over my mediocrity. 

I admit, I was a little nervous about whether this book would deliver the goods up to the heavenly expectations I have set for the talented Becca and Krista Ritchie. I should have known there was no need to panic because only stupendous stories flow from these two lovely ladies. 

What did I love? 

-Lap Dance!

Fucking hell, EVERYTHING. 

What did I hate? 
-That it ended. Where's the neverending story when you need it?! 

The story. Just read it. 

Connor Cobalt. Being inside the head of this character was riveting. He was confident without being arrogant and dominant without being controlling. Connor has always been my favourite Addicted series male and this book proved to me a thousand times why. He loves the challenge of a relationship with Rose but he isn't with her solely for that reason. He likes how she thinks and how they can have conversations about anything and everything. He adores her aggression but loves when she is sweet and generous. Connor is proud that together they push each other to be their absolute best and nothing less. If all other men are described as rocks in a storm, Connor Cobalt is a pure diamond anchor. His dedication to Rose is drool worthy and I am truly thinking I should create a Connor Cobalt personality test just so I can date men of a similar ilk. If I could dream up the perfect man Connor would be it, flaws and all.

Rose Calloway. My favourite character ever and the Beyonce of literary females. Thank you KB Ritchie for writing a story about a virgin without harping it into some moral high ground or shameful burden. I'm sick to death of the good girl virgin deserving of a higher, better, more respectful treatment from males because they haven't had sex. I've had a guts full of the demure virgin looking for a sexual god to deflower her because she wants to be like everyone else and not having sex is such a horror. Thank you from the depths of my heart for giving me Rose Calloway - unashamed of being a virgin. There was no burden nor embarrassment. She didn't wait because it was the right thing to do nor because she was a "good girl." She wasn't saving it for marriage or a committed relationship. Rose Calloway, bless her literary soul, stayed a virgin to have sex with her equal. She didn't make a big deal or let it define her, she treated it like anything else she hadn't done. She wasn't going to succumb to peer pressure or societal norms, she would get there when she was ready with whomever she wanted. But most of all, thank you for writing the modern young woman. Rose is confident, powerful and a wonderful bitch but is also afraid of intimacy and trust. She wanted to be simultaneously fought with and supported, independent and cherished, challenged and protected. She is complex, difficult and perfect in her contradictions as are we all - weak, wanting, tough, bitchy, mean, shy, uncertain, confident, generous, loving, fierce, sexy, confusing and above all REAL. As Connor Cobalt aptly puts "She was a complicated equation that didn't need to be solved." And that is what I loved most about this story, a heroine who is a role model, who sets the bar and through her story says you shouldn't settle for anything less than you deserve whether it is in love, life or friendships and never be anyone but yourself - society be damned! 

If you don't read this book you will be chopping your nose off to spite your face - straight up. KB Ritchie continue to be the best authors in the New Adult genre, they truly cater to readers beyond YA but not quite in the realm of mid-life crises and cheating husbands. Their work is always ***Flawless and every book they put out is just as good, if not better than the last. I have read this book 4 times already and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. We need more writers putting out books with this content, in a literary world of insta-love, weak female characters and overbearing idiotic males, Rose and Connor make resounding splash. 

xxx Literary George

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  1. "What did I hate? That it ended" HAHAHA omg yes! Btw, that Beyoncé dance gif is perfect. Dat lap dance!!!! Connor is just my hero and well.. kind of like an obsession of mine ever since his first scene in Addicted to You :) I agree that Rose is real. She's not one to mess with, but if you truly look into her soul you see that she's so real it hurts. I have so much love and respect for her. I'm so happy you liked this one and what a great review! :)

    1. YES!!! I also loved Connor from the first moment in Addicted to You as well!! Thank you so much for reading my review and commenting I love meeting other Ritchie fans!! :D