Domino Effect - By Jill Elaine Hughes

The Domino Trilogy - Book 1
Peter Rostovich is an enigmatic international artist with ties to the Russian mafia. He manipulates everyone he comes in contract with and nobody can figure him out—not even himself. More than that, he has a taste for bondage, which he infuses into his art.
Virginal Nancy Delaney is an aspiring reporter who tries to crack Peter’s shell. His work is like nothing she’s ever seen—complete with a live sculpture that gets the exhibit shut down by the police.
Peter hates reporters, but Nancy captivates him to the point where he makes her part of his exhibit within seconds of meeting her. He introduces her to the world of BDSM, but his involvement in the criminal underworld puts Nancy in the sights of his fiercest enemy.
First off - MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER and no official release date for the sequel - Butterfly Effect. Right, now that's out of the way, I liked this book. Which is a little strange for me because I didn't really like Nancy Delaney. The tension between the two characters is built and sustained well. There were enough twists to make sure I turned the next page but despite an avid interest I couldn't like Nancy. She was condescending towards her room mate and supposedly best friend. Making snide comments about her room mate never having to work for anything and being supported by her rich family while Nancy has had to work hard for everything. Even in a dangerous situation she takes a moment to insult her best friend's intelligence by stating "only I can get us out alive," right... Nancy talks to herself and calls the much more courageous/smarter voice her "alter ego" which I found annoying. Why couldn't it just be another part of her rather than an "alternate." She also gets on her high horse about Peter, grouching he is only using her for sex and yet... treats him like he is only good for sex and influencing people to get what she wants. I'm sorry - who is using who here?

The plot left me with a lot of unanswered questions - why was Nancy so important? What is the link between Peter and the Russian guy? What will happen next? (obviously...) The book ends up in a much darker place than it started and takes a while to get going. While I still have issues with the novel it was a gripping read and I'm keeping an eye out for the sequel. If you're wanting a romance with BDSM towards the end then this is your book.

xxx Literary George
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