Now We Three of Human Geometry - By Miranda S Leslau *Review*

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N.W.3 Now We Three of Human Geometry is a psychological thriller and love story, set over 15 years, about three young people who reside in North West London. Amber, Danny and Dave, who grew up together during childhood, find themselves in a complicated love triangle as they reach adulthood. N.W.3 resembles the location where the story is set but also refers to the number three as in the ‘Now We Three’ of Human Geometry. This compelling read convinces the reader there is no right or wrong by exploring both light and dark aspects of human nature. The characters of N.W.3 Now We Three of Human Geometry are genuine and down to earth. The reader will laugh, cry, reminisce and think about all aspects of growing up, love, passion and temptation.

This tale of misspent youth, love and passion taps into the psychological change from experiencing childhood to having the responsibilities of a young adult. The twists and turns in the plot keep the reader engaged in this addictive love triangle. This book is set apart from other books in the thriller genre with its ability to encompass both sympathy and frustration at the same time. As the book reaches the penultimate climax Amber finds herself questioning her moral compass.

If I had known it was going to be a depressing book with mentally ill characters and manipulative plots of revenge I'd have never picked it up. I thought it would be a book about the intricacies of a three person relationship and how it would work but I was wrong. N.W.3 reads like a timeline of horrible events, I don't think there was a single happy moment throughout. The main kicker here is that it really does seem like a factual account. Most of my emotions came from the content, it's truly messed up stuff. Amber is sexually abused, depressed and has a horrible family life. Dave is egotistical, a substance abuser and vengefully manipulative. Danny is depressed, vindictive and also a substance abuser. Put them together and you have the Bermuda fucking triangle. There is no love between these unfortunate characters simply dependency and misguided emotions. There is no happily ever after which the author divulges in the third or forth chapter. The story is stuttered and flits between perspectives in such a ragged manner I often found myself confused about which character was speaking, especially considering both men have horribly similar names. Everyone ends up dead or alone and I ended up wishing I hadn't read it.

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