Kit Rocha - Beyond Shame

Sex is taboo in Eden and Noelle Cunningham is highly interested in sex. This earns her banishment from her father who can no longer have a "tainted" daughter. Outside Eden, the sectors are teaming with sexual activity and illegal dealings. Noelle is picked up by Jasper McCray and I mean literally, she faints into his arms. He takes her to his gang house and she is welcomed by the gang leader Dallas and his leading lady (kind of) Lex.

Lex takes a liking to Noelle and she is given a trial period for gang membership. Noelle works at the bar and it's nothing fancy. The establishment has a bar, dancers and fight night. What more could a girl want? The fight night gets all the women rowdy and the "anything goes" dances get well, anyone and everyone fired up. The beauty Rocha's world is that gangland is similar to the 1960's crossed with punk rock. It's all about free love, tattoos, leather and orgies. Huh, maybe it's just a rock band on tour... Regardless, there are no rules when it comes to who to have sex with and when. Noelle attracts many of the leading characters and Jasper is totally in on it. One of my favourite scenes include Lex, Dallas, Jasper and Noelle.  A burning hot encounter with chains and a little bit of dominance/submission but I am going to let you read the book to find out just how hot it is.

Jasper and Noelle's love story has it's moments. He wants her to trust him and she just wants him. But Jasper can't be sure she really wants him when she hasn't had anything else. Yet after an incident with her father, Jasper lets her go/pushes her away and Noelle realises that maybe she does need to figure out who she is before becoming an "us." They have great chemistry and the man sounds HOT, of course ;). Jasper the rescuer and Noelle the damsel in distress turned independent woman, will they reunite? I'm not telling. But despite this alluring romance, I was absolutely riveted by Dallas and Lex. 

Dallas and Lex with their hugely complicated relationship and being constantly at odds. Lord, I don't even know if they have sex because we are never told. Maybe I am interested because their relationship is such a mystery. Who knows? I was definitely rooting for Jasper and Noelle's romance but the fire of Dallas and Lex was too much to ignore. Supposed King and Queen of this gang ridden outer world and yet their relationship has me spewing out questions. Dallas refuses to "mark" Lex - a tattoo that would mean essentially marriage- and she refuses to ask. They are obviously head over heels yet she sleeps with other men and he does nothing about it.  Will Dallas mark Lex? Why are they not a solid couple? How did they meet? What's going on with them!? GAH! Dallas and Lex tell me your secrets.

I look forward to the next book in the series! Fingers crossed it's D and L!




P.S. A giant thank you to NetGalley and the publisher Moira Rogers for the copy.

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