Devon Monk - Magic for a Price

When it comes to ending a series it is often difficult for everyone to get that feeling of satisfaction. Answering the unanswered questions and making everything tie up nicely is a challenge. So for the final instalment of the Allie Beckstrom series I held my breath. Allie has always been a fiery heroine whom I have a slight girl crush on and Zayvion Jones is one smoking hot, sexy, powerful man. Ahem, excuse me. The last book left us with Portland's magic poisoned, illness spreading like wildfire and Leander/Isabelle still out to destroy the world. I was interested to see how Monk would pull them both out of this alive and whether she would do it well.

Of course she didn't. Neither of them stayed alive yet they did and she didn't do well, she did better. This book and series were beautifully ended. Allie steps into the role of revolutionary leader and city defender with ease. She keeps the mismatch group of Hounds, city police and ex-Authority members glued together in a battle that is practically impossible. The beauty of Allie is, she does it both grudgingly and with a bumbling, self destructive manner that has always attracted me to her character. Zayvion is beside her every step of the way doing what needs to be done and keeping Allie safe. The relationship between Terric and Shamus (Shame) develops into something truly spectacular as they accept their Soul Complement status and make magic like bosses. Even Allie succumbs to a brief adoration of their awesomeness much to Zayvion's jealousy. 

Leander/Isabelle are in possession of the International Head of the Authority, Margaret something or other and are going to "blow Portland off the map." Allie decides to shut down and cleanse the wells of magic before L/I arrive with their cavalry. Allie, Zayvion, Shame, Ter and Eli Collins of all people, head out on their mission to save Portland and thus doing so THE WORLD. No but really, the world and magic. Allie's Father lends a helping dead hand and everything goes to custard as per usual. Allie makes a deal and her father reveals the truth about his split personality. Zayvion, Shame and Terric save Allie from death on multiple occasions, Cody becomes one Cody and everything... well I'm not going to tell you. The tying up is done with artistic grace and a twist that wasn't expected though completely needed.One character whom I had previously believed had no soul, surprised me with their humanity.

Needless to say I ended this book a satisfied customer of Allie Beckstrom novels. I will admit that this is not the best book in the series and though the ending is satisfying I was hoping for a bit more of a send off for the great Allie and Zayvion. Fireworks, kids, marriage, a happily ever after on steroids. But I know when it is time for a series to end and Allie was reaching hers. Maybe there will be a spin off of Shame and Terric though I am certain it is highly unlikely. I am sad to say goodbye to a wonderful series but this book is a solid ending to a more than solid series. If you haven't read any of the Beckstrom novels then why are you even reading this?! Go get the book and start! Jeez.
However, if you are an Allie Beckstrom lover you know what I mean when I say I wish there was one more book...



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